Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s almost time. Thanksgiving is upon us. I know there is a lot of controversy over whether to celebrate or not celebrate. I have an American Indian bloodline. I can understand why Thanksgiving is controversial. Our people long ago were surprised and taken advantage of, killed. We have long celebrated this new world find and … Continue reading Thanksgiving Traditions

September & October MUST HAVES!

Hi Beauties, I'm playing catch up so December can be on track. Hope you enjoy it.  September Must Haves were really must-haves! Let's get started with a look back on September’s favorites.  The original Mighty Patch. If you have not used these acne patches yet and you have monthly breakouts you are missing out. I … Continue reading September & October MUST HAVES!

Hello Blog Family – We Meet Again!

Hello Blog family! I have been away from the create space for over 50 days now. I was so excited about October’s content that I didn't think much about November. However, as you know my extended Hospital stay completely ruined October’s content. I had high hopes for creating content and then Covid hit. Most people … Continue reading Hello Blog Family – We Meet Again!

More On September: National Suicide Prevention Month

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, September is National Suicide Prevention Month as well as Self Improvement Month. I wanted to share more on my story as well as the story of how this affected a close friend of mine from the past. *Trigger warning – Talk of suicide, self-harm, and death Suicide prevention … Continue reading More On September: National Suicide Prevention Month