Christmas Card Mailing Day

What it takes to get a successful mailing day. Well, normally I would work on cards on the days after Thanksgiving. Back when I was writing cards for my nana, we would take a few days. I was slow and I was also precise. Every letter had to be fancy and perfect. Not so much now. Honestly, my hands don’t hold out that long and essential tremors have changed my writing. Sometimes you will get a beautifully written note from me and others you will get chicken scratch.  Some years you will get a detailed letter, some just a picture of the fam. This year, it will be a Christmas card with a heartfelt note.  

It’s not really the card, It’s the fact that You made my list. Or I made yours. I have already received a card this year. It was from a good friend, one of my bridesmaids when I got married. She was single then but now has a beautiful family and the cutest little boy around. It seriously made my day. It was a card made up of sweet little pictures of her little boy and their two sweet pups. This particular friend it does not surprise me that she was on top of her game and had cards out early. She was always so amazing with things like that. I can imagine her as a mom, and although I haven’t met her little boy, I imagine him too.  I know nowadays we have Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook all the ways to stay connected and it makes life amazing to know someone across the ocean as well as know your neighbor or in my case know much better than I know my neighbor. However, to me, a Christmas card is a treasure of memories, happiness, and joy. There is nothing like knowing you made the Christmas card list. 

I have already started feeling guilty for having to cut so many out of my card list this year. I just don’t have the funds to mail Christmas cards in the bulk of what I used to. I have been known to send up to 150 cards. I know that sounds insane but even at that number, there would be multiple somebodies that I forgot or just didn’t have enough cards to send.

Getting the cards together rarely happens all in one day, to be honest. It is normally a multi-day task. I like to have the Holiday candles burning, Christmas movies or music running, and sweet Holiday treats nearby. Call me silly but I like to be immersed in the Holiday spirit in order to get my cards done. I guess I can admit I am in love with the Holiday traditions. These things keep me looking forward to it all year. Decorating, shopping, wrapping presents, and my beloved Cards. 

If you are reading this and normally receive a card from me but did not receive a card this year, it only means I just didn’t have funds and my cards ran out. I want to wish you old and new friends alike a very Merry Christmas Holiday. I want you to know how beautiful you are and how valued you are. I wish I could give you all hugs but for now, a virtual Hug will have to do. Happy Holidays.

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