Pants – A Small Word With A Big Job

Pants is one small simple word that causes such drama for us big ladies, especially for lymph ladies. With Lipedema, lymphoedema, or both, wearing clothes becomes something not only we dread but sometimes seems impossible to find clothes fit. For me, my legs are a huge problem in finding pants. My waist is smaller than … Continue reading Pants – A Small Word With A Big Job

Blog Series: Internet Relationships #12: Catfishing

Everyone knows Catfishing is not the hobby of yesterday sitting on the banks with a pole waiting for a bite. NOPE, it’s normally a predator looking to hook you on the promise of love so whatever it is they're trying to steal from you is within their reach. However, sometimes Catfishing happens in a way … Continue reading Blog Series: Internet Relationships #12: Catfishing

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Content Warning: Discussion of child abuse This is the one topic that has affected my life the most. I found helpful information while reflecting on this topic on a site by the organization Prevent Child Abuse America ( Honestly, if you’re looking for a way to understand and know more, even find a way to … Continue reading April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Decluttering – The New “IN” Thing

Decluttering is something very “In” right now. We have a never-ending source of decluttering “teaching tools” in all formats. The internet of course being the ever-popular tool for the information that is at your fingertips. I have been a declutterer since I was a little girl. I was always trying to throw away things that … Continue reading Decluttering – The New “IN” Thing