New Year Same You?

New year same you…. Well, maybe in some areas this is a true statement but let me tell you how it isn’t. 

This year you have gone through things you have never gone through before. You had followed a story that touched your soul, and you have laughed at jokes you never laughed at. You have sung in tune or out new songs you never heard. You have also found comfort you never felt before from places you didn’t have before. You know that new friend, you didn’t have them before. The sad things to have affected you. You may have lost someone close to you may be like the rest of the world you have lost a celebrity that you admired. You cried tears you never cried before and experienced pain in ways you never have before. This past year was scary like never before, or maybe you found hope this year like never before. 

All those things up there have made you a different person. These events feel like you can’t go through and just be the same. Don’t ever feel like you have to feel so different in the New Year, that is not what I am saying. What I am saying is to be easy on yourself and realize all the things that you have gone through this past year and how each thing makes you feel. Those are the life changers. The new you – you learned, you loved, you lost, you gained. It’s all wonderful ways of growing as a person even if it sometimes hurts. 

So, no feeling less than. Only look forward and have a great New Year’s Eve and bring in the new year with LOVE and joyfulness. God has let us live another year and the least we can do is celebrate and be thankful. 



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