Across all of my social media channels, I proudly feature sponsored content from brands I believe in. I only promote products or services that I myself would use, headlining transparency to my followers.

Brands I currently work with: 

  • Dossier Perfume (Using my code will get you 30% off a signature scent that is similar to high end scents for a fraction of the price!)
  • Zenni Optical (Zenni has affordable glasses in a huge assortment of fun, funky styles. Why go for the boring when you can go for the WOW!)
  • BoxyCharm (BoxyCharm offers subscription boxes where you can get 5 full sized (or more) products for a FRACTION of the retail price sent right to your door!)
  • Calmigo (Calmigo is a scientifically proven device that reduces stress hormone levels by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, providing immediate and drug-free relief. It significantly decreases anxiety symptoms, is drug free and safe, and is an on the go tool.)

    Brands I have worked with in the past and love:



Simply Naked Beauty

Bodies of Shapes

Kade & Vos

If you are interested in working together, head to my Contact Me page and send me your brand pitch. 

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