Hello February

Dearest Beauties,

Or you all in or just not on Valentine’s Day?

Happy February. Here in the North East, it is colder than cold. The wind blows impressively strong and non-stop at the moment. I come on to my computer to set up a few blogs I have and I realized that I did not write a monthly hello. So, at last, here I am saying hello. I hope where ever you are in the world that you are safe, and warm, and know how much you are loved.

I want to give you a little health update and what the plan for the blogs this month is. I went to the doctor on Wednesday the first. I saw my doctor whom I have claimed as a friend, but then I also saw my surgeon. The surgeon is a super nice ankle and foot surgeon. He claims a room for sure. He also goes into detail with the information and then asks you if you have any questions. Long story short- I have to have another surgery. The fracture is healed almost completely, it is more the ligaments, muscles, and nerves that aren’t healed. He wants to take out at least 3 of the five screws because he said they will break and it’s only a matter of time, when not if. He said it will not be good for my bone if they break because he will not be able to get all of the screws out. He said that it would be extremely painful if they break and the pain would likely never go away. So apparently, he knew this before my first surgery but no one told me that.

I was a bit devastated because I did not think I would have to have a second surgery. Supposedly It will be an outpatient type of surgery and I can go home the same day. I’d like to believe that is how it will go down but I seriously doubt it, from past experiences I have had to stay at least a night or two. We can hope though that it will be a same-day procedure and release.  So, my next appointment is on March 1. We will schedule it then. Meanwhile, I had very direct orders to not walk without the walker, to keep doing my exercises, and build my strength. Not how I thought the appointment would go. We ended the appointment with the doctor telling me that my fractures and surgery were not a month’s healing it could be up to two years.

Like most things in life, you are met with challenges and information you have to take in and adjust to almost daily. Things never hardly ever work out the way you plan them to. I am lucky to have a great support system who had faith in me. I could not have made it through this long ordeal without Jeremy. When I think I can’t he thinks I can. The love we share is enduring and compassionate. Our love has also taught me many lessons that otherwise I have refused to admit or see. This brings me to the blogs for the month.

Most of you may know by now I do not love Valentine’s Day but considering I do have good memories attached to it, this year I am going to use February to honor all the love stories that I have seen, heard, and lived with.  I am so glad this year I don’t dislike valentines as much as normal. I guess we have Jeremy to think about that. Truly blessed to be loved by someone like Jeremy. I don’t want you to be sad if you don’t have a valentine. Trust me I’ve been there. We can all be each other’s Valentines because I seriously love all of you my supporters/beauties ….

2 thoughts on “Hello February

  1. Sending good energy your way. I know having another surgery was something you ever expected. Big hugs my friend. It does sound like you have a good doctor who wants what’s best for you and your healing.

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