2023 has Begun!

January, Monday the 2nd

Happy New Year! You are now entering a new year. A new year where things can be all-new or the same. I am guessing that it all depends on what you want your new year to be. I particularly am tired of the walls I have been stuck in for way too long now. I am ready for adventure, new beginnings. I love the idea of this new year being the year I put myself together. After all, Findingevie has been all about that. 

I feel I have been going about sharing myself with you all wrong. I have made it about how I can make money from doing social media and I’m tired out. Therefore, going forward, I am going to be very picky about what I promote. I will be more aware of the needs of my followers. Realizing I didn’t share like I wanted to, I left being vulnerable behind for a while. If I learned anything while in the hospital, sharing my life and being real and vulnerable is what I am going to do. I met some wonderful ladies during my 46 days in the hospital that would have never reached out to me if it wasn’t for feeling like we truly had something in common. 

I have also learned that being a content creator, making money or not, isn’t easy. It is frustrating and very draining. I think most of us are feeling it. I want to streamline my work. Focus on being there for all of you. You are all I have in the long game plan of it all. So, this year I am beginning it on a hopeful note of finding my place with you, making it a solid bond.  What are your plans for the new year? Leave it in the comments! 



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