August Favorites

Nexcare Max Hold Waterproof band-aids  Dove Invisible Dry Spray Sheer Fresh Antiperspirant  Dove sensitive & Dove Renewing Body Wash with Peony and Rose OilEOS 24-hour Moisture Body Lotion Vanilla Cashmere {repeat from July} still in love Extra Strength Antacid Assorted Berry Chewable tablets (the Target brand)Torrid Tees and Shorts Have become my favorite thing to … Continue reading August Favorites

National Go Barefoot / Nail Polish Day, Yay!

These are the days when National Go Barefoot and National Nail Polish Day fall together and I can totally get behind recognizing these days. As a country girl, I have never loved wearing shoes. I always liked my bare feet. I could walk over hot asphalt, through sticker patches, mud - you name it I … Continue reading National Go Barefoot / Nail Polish Day, Yay!

Hobbies – How To Go From Stressed To Blessed

By definition, a hobby is “an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.”  I can honestly say I do not have a lot of regular hobbies. In fact, maybe you could call blogging a hobby if one were not desperately trying to make money from said blog. Blogging would be for sure my … Continue reading Hobbies – How To Go From Stressed To Blessed

January In Review

So many things have happened this month. Some things have been the normal things that happen every month and others have been new. So vague, right?? Well as life would have it, January was a hard month. Physically, emotionally and work wise as well.  Let's talk about Findingevie. January was the first month we had … Continue reading January In Review