Beauties – You’re Invited!

I wish I could write an invite and have a huge bash with all my friends from all over the states and the world for that matter. Something not everyone knows about me is I love to plan and throw parties. If I could get married every year I’d do it in a heartbeat because it was so fun to plan my wedding back in 2012. I used to have birthday bashes yearly as well. I just loved parties. Of course, now I don’t have the ability to run around with my head cut off barking orders. This next year I hope to regain that ability. Next year I’d love to plan a party that would make a young me proud. After all, it is my last birthday before I’m super old. (LOL)….I’m partly kidding about being really old. 

I’ll be the first to admit I do not feel like I am 43 and I know I won’t feel 44 in a few days. I have to stop and remind myself that I am at an age where I should know better and act better. I looked up how old is old and the internet told me Gen (my generation according to whom you ask) says 75 is old but according to Millennials 57 is old. So much for age just being a number. 

If I still lived on Long Island I’d be surrounded by friends all younger than I am with the exception of one person. He and I were considered grandparents.  A funny story I like to tell is when I first went to my church on Long Island we were invited to the “young adult bible study” and the age was 18- 35. I was 32 and my ex was 22. All the people going were between our ages. Well, once my friend and I hit 35 the age was moved to 18-40 lol I have to wonder what if any bible study they have now and what is it called. 

Birthdays can be great fun and can be devastating. So many women reach forty and give themselves new faces or bodies. I’m just learning to love mine. I can honestly say other than getting myself healthy again, I am ok with my body. I can still go out with no makeup and half the time my hair is up in a high-top knot. Nothing fancy here unless I want to be fancy and I can doll up pretty decent. I used to never say I was attractive, cute, etc. Now I am glad for the freedom I have found over my body. Why are we taught to not say we are attractive? Why can’t we like to see ourselves in a picture or mirror?  For my birthday a gift I am giving myself is the permission to say I am pretty. 

For my wish for you all. I wish to see everyone loving themselves and living loudly coming into their own. It feels so good when you feel like you can finally be proud of who you are and what you look like. This is the kick-off of my birthday Month come along for the ride. XOXO, Evie

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