National Go Barefoot / Nail Polish Day, Yay!

These are the days when National Go Barefoot and National Nail Polish Day fall together and I can totally get behind recognizing these days. As a country girl, I have never loved wearing shoes. I always liked my bare feet. I could walk over hot asphalt, through sticker patches, mud – you name it I could walk through it or over it.  The thing I hated most about school was I had to wear shoes. That being said, over the last few years I have become a tenderfoot so I’m not so free to walk around without flip-flops at least. There are actually alot of really wonderful benefits to being barefoot!

When I was young, I almost never wore nail or toe polish. If I did it was clear. That was more about what I was allowed to wear vs what I wanted to wear. As an adult, I became obsessed with polish. Soon I learned to paint my nails so that they didn’t look like a five-year-old did them. I also may have used every shade of pink in those first few years. 

There are so many nail polish brands and that too I have tried so many different ones. Nail polish just does not stay on my nails. Zoya and Sally Hansen fast-drying and the Sally Hansen Gel are the front runners in the polish that stays put. Then along came City Street – the strips of nail polish that you just peel and stick. GAME CHANGER. I was so impressed and frankly spent way too much money on them. I have enough nails to not have to buy them for a while. Guess what color I wear the most now? Black… Black is such an elegant color to wear. It is good for day or night, fancy or a metal concert. It really is the all-around polish.

 If you’re like me, painting your own toes is impossible or hard to do. I’m so lucky that my Jeremy takes time out of his busy day of work and hauling around the kids to give me a pedicure. This has become a special time for Jeremy and I. We talk and laugh or rather I’m making jokes and Jeremys just putting up with me! I’m just very thankful. Don’t be afraid to ask for things you need or want, it just may be that it’s as easy as asking  for what you want! 

Of course, today we can celebrate being barefoot with great nail polish. 

What is your favorite color to use? What brands do you trust? How does summer affect the colors you wear? xoxo, Evie

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