My Favorite Book From Amazon

I love to read but like most things in my life, I do it for a bit then get addicted and have to break up with the addiction. I am not one of these people that can read a little here and there. I have to know the ending almost as soon as I start. God forbid a series comes out. 

 I have recently signed up for Amazon Prime Reading. It is a library of books that you have access to without having to rent or buy. You pay a monthly subscription and you have a huge number of books at your fingertips. The plus to Amazon prime is Unlimited access to a rotating catalog of ebooks and audiobooks. 1 free pre-release once a month from editor’s pic and comic books and magazines are included. All for $12.99 a month. That is 119$ per year. Now if you like me this makes total sense compared to the prices of books these days. Even when buying them for your kindle they are expensive. Like four books or an endless supply? I am not even affiliated with Amazon Prime Reading, just a big fan. Some people don’t realize you don’t need a kindle to access this, you can just add the kindle app on your phones or tablets. 

I know that some of you will still say a real-life book, the feel of the book, the smell of the new pages, the sound of turning the pages is what it is all about for you. I agree from time to time I either like a book series so much I need it for our collection, or just randomly I get the need to have the real-life book. 

The last book that I remember I had to have in book format in case one day I would be able to get an autograph I bought, “The Not-So-Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl” by Tess Holliday. I would not call myself a super fan. I am however a big woman, who is trying to make a living in the public eye. 

As for the self-love and body-positive communities, things didn’t start to move very fast until Tess hit the scene. Suddenly fat women were able to be large and in charge. So, for that, I am thankful for Tess. I also love how beautiful she always looks and how professional she comes off. Then in her lives, or Instagram stories you see the other side of her as well. The more “down to earth” person, Mother, friend side of Tess that could be one of us. 

I did not know a lot about Tess. I heard a lot of other people’s opinions but not being one to make others’ opinions my own, I wanted to know more. So, I began following on the Gram and then bought her book. Like me, Tess started in a southern low-income part of the world.  We both lived in trrailers as young kids and teenagers. We both had less than impressive fathers who told us we would not amount to anything. We both left school at 17 and received our GED. We both think that all bodies are beautiful and we both want to be fat but to not be seen as the end of the world. I imagine because we both know there is a lot worse out there to be than fat. 

That is where the likeness ends. Tess knew what she wanted to do with her life. She knew the dream she wanted to fill. She went out and achieved it. I loved how she wrote her book to really draw a reader in, really make us feel what she went through. What she goes through. I am 8 years Tess’ senior, but she has so many qualities and so much ambition and I can’t honestly say I have had that until recently. I certainly did not know what I wanted and went after it. The book showed me how being somewhat confident in maybe not in yourself but at least your will to make it happen can carry you so far. I admire a lot how Tess lived her life and got to where she is now. I think I heard somewhere she reconciled with her father, but can you imagine the satisfaction Tess must have been able to say to her dad, “Look at me, I more than made a life for myself”.

In this book, Tess takes us from early childhood to present-day 2017. Tess’s childhood was chaotic and full of mixed-up truths and memories. It is the tale of so many southern women, years of parents fighting, putting the children in awkward places until they have had enough and separate. One parent turns into the savior and one turns into nothingness. Then it takes us through making tough decisions to leave the familiarness of home to escape the same old story of everyone around. Then it tells the up and downs of becoming someone in the public eye all while being a mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Thus, giving us 370 of Tess’s life advice all throughout the book.  

Tess dedicates her book to anyone who has ever doubted themselves or the magic that lies within. To me, that says I hope this book touches you. I hope it stands as a message: you are your own person and it is up to you to make life happen.

Some things in this book changed my life and changed how I looked at myself. There was this one line near the end: “I know I wasn’t meant to live a fairy tale life; I am supposed to live my life.” I wish I could have read that one line so much sooner in my life. It hit me hard and everything came flooding back to me. I wanted a fairy tale and I didn’t have one, but life isn’t a fairy tale and I forgot that. 

To conclude, you don’t have to be a fan of Tess Holliday to enjoy the book. The book is a coming-of-age story of a fat girl, lost in a world she didn’t belong and digging herself out to be more than anyone could have ever imagined. XOXO, Evie

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