September & October MUST HAVES!

Hi Beauties, I’m playing catch up so December can be on track. Hope you enjoy it. 

September Must Haves were really must-haves!

Let’s get started with a look back on September’s favorites. 

  1. The original Mighty Patch. If you have not used these acne patches yet and you have monthly breakouts you are missing out. I mostly have a clear complexion but when aunt flow is in town or actually about a week prior and a week of my face becomes a place that seems to welcome acne and recurring cyst-like places related to my ongoing battle with my skin disease HS.  So here is the low down. If you catch a pimple before it breaks the skin, this little patch brings it to a full head within a day normally, then attacks it. Normally by day 3, it is gone. For me, the biggest benefit is these patches keep the pain away, but I have to remember to keep my hands off.  This is where the most help comes from in regards to my Cyst-like places. Just keeping my hands off them is the number one game changer. I don’t know exactly how much help it is medically but it does help them to come and go faster. September was brutal and I went through an entire box. How do you know they are working well? These clear patches form white bubbles (the infection being sucked out.)
  1. Eco tools Dry Body Brush- This little round brush has been a game changer. Folks that have dry skin, itchy skin, acne prone skin, pay attention. I have the driest skin no matter what I do. I also have very itchy skin and in certain areas, I have acne-prone skin. I use this little brush on my arms, shoulders, neck, and chest. I get as much as I can reach on my legs. But for those of you that have someone to rub you down, my favorite part of the going to bed ritual is getting my honey bear to brush my back down to my heels. This not only gets the dead layer of skin off, but it also helps the acne on the back of my thighs not hurt so bad (and I think actually helps it to go away), it helps the itching to stop, the pain to decrease, and it’s relaxing.  Don’t worry single folks, there are also ones with long handles!
  1. Farmhouse Beads 58in Wood Bead Garland with Tassels Rustic Country Décor, this next item is a décor item. I find September is an odd month to decorate. It’s no real holiday, nor is it summer or fall. These Décor beads are a little touch to any table or cabinet, you could also hang them on the wall around doors, etc. It could be used to tie all your décor items together or just be a single statement piece. Wooden beads are all the rage this year. Don’t be surprised if different versions of these show up via my décor looks.  
  1. I don’t know how to categorize this last fav. But I found even more love for squishmallow and let me tell you I have fallen hard for them. The unicorns and octopuses are my favorites. They help me sleep all cuddled with whichever won my favor that night. They are also great for self-soothing. I have found myself wanting to have one with me on the sofa and near me while I work. When you find a self-soothing method, you normally stick with it. You can find Squishmallow at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Claires, specialty shops, amazon, and Postmark. (Probably other places as well.) The one I’m linking is Evie a narwhal. Yes, I do own. 
  1. Lunchables- Now you know these are for kids but I have rekindled my love for launchable. I don’t normally eat much during the day but due to medications, it is good for me to have a bit of something during the day. Lunchables have filled that gap. I don’t eat them all the time but when we catch them on sale, Jeremy buys a few for my lunch in the coming days. I like the variety and the change-up that keeps me from not getting bored. You can get Lunchables at most grocery stores we Get ours at Target mostly and I believe they are also sold at Wal-marts. 

October’s Favorites. 

Considering I was in the hospital for almost the entire month of October. Some of these things are cross-between favorites for life and favorites/must-haves for comfortable hospital stays. 

  • Huggies quilted baby wipes. (Must Have for a hospital stay) I had the cucumber-infused ones. They were great for a quick freshen-up, a mid-day clean-up, and helpful at night to help the getting clean process. ON and on.  I assume you can get whatever baby wipes you prefer to use to freshen up but I chose Huggies Quilted infused with cucumber and I was very pleased.  
  • A good deodorant. I have been using DOVE spray for a good while now. The one that I use is supposed to dry clear. Can be lasting for up to 48 hours. I don’t trust that last promise but it is a really good deodorant. 
  • I could not have made it without my bamboo back scratcher. It was a godsend for so many reasons. I could reach all the little itches from my foot, and could sometimes pick up things I dropped. An overall great tool to have in the hospital and around the house. 
  • My ring says ‘faith’ on it. I bought this ring from amazon, and have had it on pretty much every day since the moment I received it. It was just an inexpensive way to remind me to have faith. While I was in the hospital was my constant reminder that faith lives in us.
  • Number five is my ever-favorite Eso lotion. I know it was my favorite back a month or so ago but it got me through. 

If you like any of these let me know. Also would you like to know my hospital goodies, more in depth?

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