Redefining Beauty

As a chubby child, a fat teen to a fat adult there has always been one common denominator. This common denominator isn’t just from my experiences but from other fat people as well. What is the common denominator, Well it is being told You are so beautiful if you would just lose weight. 

Me as a child

 Wait, hold on a moment. What is this ‘if’ word? If I lost weight. Excuse me. Lately, I have been really thinking about who I am as a person and who I am as a content creator. My platform has always been “Be your own Beautiful.” While this will always be who I am as defining – I think I am a little more mature now, a little bit more willing to challenge you with “redefining Beauty”. 

“Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically” is the technical term for Beautiful. There it is in plain sight. Beauty isn’t something we have to invent. Literally, we just have to get people to expand their minds to stop seeing thin, blonde, blue, and tan as beautiful alone. Honestly, I don’t want to take any woman’s power of beauty away from them, I just want to expand the average person’s view of what beauty is. 

For instance, right now the weather outside is beautiful. Everything looks extremely green and fresh. The sun is pelting down kissing the green of the trees, grass, and flowers. Now as a person who suffers from allergies, I could easily look outside and see the pollen and growth as ugly as ugly can be. My senses are mostly all done if I breathe too much. However, I have convinced my senses that the sun, wind, colors, and smells are more beautiful than the power of breathing. It is a redefining moment. 

As a woman, I can tell you that even the most confident of us women have a moment when we look in the mirror and go “you’re so ugly” to their beautiful reflections. Not because we are seeing less beauty but because what we are seeing is what society has convinced us of. So, our job as fat women Because let’s face it, all big important things are truly orchestrated by women. We have to reset and redefine what we call beauty. 

This is truly an important journey. It is something that cannot just be done in one blog or one conversation. It is something we can do as a whole over time. BE your own Beautiful and redefine it! Xoxo, Evie

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