Why Do Products Have To Change?

If you read this topic, you also are probably asking or have asked that same question. That is facts, facts change. My papaw used to say that. I didn’t truly understand that until late on. If there is one true statement it is that nothing stays the same.

I didn’t know that meant pads, powder, mascara, deodorant, tampons. Man oh, man… I have had a full-fledged skincare routine for years now. As a fat girl, you know how important a skincare routine is. This routine revolved around one product – Medicated Gold Bond powder in the orange bottle with the red top.  

What used to be my go to product!

Apparently, talc is the magic ingredient to why Medicated Gold Bond Powder has been my go-to miracle product. According to the internet, talc is the base for a lawsuit about causing cancer. My first thought when I saw the new bottle of Gold Bond with the proud little banner announcing it was talc-free was I hope it does not change the way it works. Then my first response after using it was Oh no, it now does the exact same as all other powders do – it turns into a paste-like texture when put in locations that get moist. Gold Bond has literally been my saving grace for years now. Now I am back on the hunt for what will keep me dry and prevent my skin from breakouts. This comes at the worst time as summer approaches. 

The skin behind one knee

For a fat woman, it takes work to be comfortable and healthy. Especially us that have lymphedema and/or lipedema. The rolls /creases behind knees, boobs, and underarms are always places that are extremely important to take care of. Terrible rashes, yeast infections, skin breakage can occur. It is literally a job to keep my skin from stinking, breaking, or having rashes. I have super sensitive skin, I also have lymphedema, lipedema, and very big thighs. It is a recipe for disaster. 

I like to make my post about something but this is just really about a complaint that has no real solution at the moment. I’m sorry that I have no solution. I have been trying literally everything anyone suggests and have yet to find anything that works for me. What are things that you loved and then they changed? I’d love to hear… XOXO, Evie

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