Period Drama or Drama Period

I had planned a trip to a friend’s house that would last two weeks. Those two weeks I planned to use for some work, yes,but also for friendship and fun.  So there I was, on my bed, getting ready to pack. I honestly didn’t know what to pack. What outfits did I want to do a shootin? I decided on an “authentic Evie” and packed the “shoot” bags full of t-shirts and a couple … Continue reading Period Drama or Drama Period

The Perfect Panty

The Perfect Panty Women run business! A mission statement I can believe in! Giving back to the community. On top of that, panties! I think I have discovered the Unicorn Brand!   Imagine panties that two friends of vast different sizes and shapes could wear the same trendy style! Matching panties, don’t laugh at that, yes … Continue reading The Perfect Panty

Here we go!

Here I am starting something new. It feels like the word 'again' should be in there somewhere. Again, I’m trying something new. I'm a bit scared, quite like that saying, feeling like a 'fish out of water' type feeling, and I'm not sure what the future holds. Many humans go through phases. We have begin … Continue reading Here we go!