National Go Barefoot / Nail Polish Day, Yay!

These are the days when National Go Barefoot and National Nail Polish Day fall together and I can totally get behind recognizing these days. As a country girl, I have never loved wearing shoes. I always liked my bare feet. I could walk over hot asphalt, through sticker patches, mud - you name it I … Continue reading National Go Barefoot / Nail Polish Day, Yay!

Let’s Talk (Fat Talk & Age Talk)

How old is old? When you look in the mirror and see your mother? Myself next to my Mom Birth to 17- Fear/responsibility/Fear/being a child 18-24- Feelings of Depression/loss/immaturity living like there was no tomorrow/size crippled me to not living 24 – 31- hope for the future/getting my education/falling in love/moving to a new place/losing … Continue reading Let’s Talk (Fat Talk & Age Talk)