An Extension of Santa With My Amazon Storefront!

Making money online has been a popularity contest from the get-go. Honestly, as someone that loves a lot of content creators and influencers, I understand why you would shop for some links over others. I want to let you all know that I have an amazon storefront. All this is, I make a list of things I have used and loved or things I want to try. Last year I was so prepared I had shopping done before the first week of December was completed. However, this Christmas season – I know some of you are like me and have waited until the last moment to shop. 

Using my Amazon storefront is easy. Click here –

Shop my list, see something you like, add it to your cart, and there you go. If you shop directly from the linked products I provide then I will earn a small commission. Win-win situation. I help you find something for everyone in your life within an hour’s time from the same location. I think that is a pretty amazing convenience. Make sure you look through the list. You may just find something extra special.

I like imagining I’m an extension of Santa. I have all the ideas in the world for girls but guys are tough to buy for. My own guys are about as complicated to buy for as I can think of. However, I have to say they are not too picky and are pretty good about gifts. Who is the most complicated for you to buy for? 

A few tips to go by: 

Think of their favorite color, 

What they buy for themselves

Their favorite taste

Favorite smell

Favorite team or state

Do they collect things

Remembering these rules helps me shop for the girl/guys in my life.

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