Catch Up w/ Evie

A little catch-up with me. Not hard to do as I am still not supposed to weigh bear on my foot. This entire concept has been stupid. Am I really supposed to stay in bed for 3 entire months? I mean look at me my size is not allowing me to get on crutches and go. I wish from the start they had given me a hard cast then at least I would know that it is sitting in the right position rather than changing each time we change the ace bandage. Which I’m sure is not enough support without the two hard-cast pieces. However, in reference to those two cast pieces, the medical team made no effort to make them work with my leg better. The back piece was way too long and it literally cut into my upper leg. Why would they not cut it down? I have no idea. The side pieces dug into my ankle making it even more sore and painful than it was from the fracture. Again, I have no idea why they would not make a better mold. 

So, what I have been doing since my second week home is wrapping it only in an ace bandage, and most of the time unless it is hurting too bad sleeping with nothing on my foot. The good news until I scratched it too much, my incisions healed so nicely. The other day I had an itch and I didn’t realize I was scratching so much. It’s been a bit red since but still no pain from that. 

Sometime last week I started feeling under the weather and a cough formed. Then as if it had been invited ear and body aches come and sat in. I haven’t felt great ever since last week. I just want to feel good and be able to walk without pain. Getting up onto the walker is pretty easy but the real pain comes from moving. I have to put so much weight into my arms to keep as much weight as possible off my foot that now my arms are getting sore. My wrist hurt more and more every day. 

This is starting to sound like a whine. I do not want that at all because I am so thankful to be home, with PT, OT, and nurse services every week. I’m so thankful to be home, able to sleep next to my Jeremy, wearing my clothes, having some privacy, eating food I enjoy, and just not being in a sick environment.  I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am. Jeremy shows me so much love and support. If I don’t feel like getting out of bed, he makes it where I don’t have to. If I want to get up, he is there to help. Truly blessed. I wish I could give him a break and vacation from me. However, he says he doesn’t need that because having me home is much better than not. I am blessed!

We still do not have a ramp. Today (the day after thanksgiving) I am writing this and we are hoping to hear from the guy that did the estimate. We are trying to get the down payment and finance the rest of the cost in five payments. Apparently, there have been some delays due to the holidays so we are trying to be patient. If you know me, I know it isn’t a strong suit. I have to get my hands on Christmas cards now so I can send some out. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Hope you are all having a good holiday season.

xo Evie

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