How Am I Doing? Here’s An Update.

Everyone wants to know how I am doing. I don’t know how to explain that I am ok but not. Mentally I am doing great since being home. Even with the fact that I am full of anxiety over how I am going to do my upcoming collaborations, I am still much calmer than I was in the hospital. At the hospital, I had a nice room, and the nurses were friendly. I didn’t have to worry about holding my bladder but what it didn’t have were Jeremy, Belle, and the boys. 

Of course, it isn’t as easy to lose weight at home as it is in the hospital because you actually get to eat things you like. I am trying to keep my eating down so that I can still maintain my lost weight. I need to be healthier and right now every pound I don’t have on me is helping me to feel better. I have to put a lot of weight on my shoulders and arms and it really is making it difficult to walk because my back is in a lot of pain. I dare say my back hurts more than my foot has been. 

An extremely good point is I am kind of on a schedule. Being on a schedule is always better for me. I can spend more time doing things productive if I have a schedule. I am under a bit of pressure to get back to a regular program and I’m honestly not sure how that looks. I want my private Instagram to be safe and I’m working towards that, but I also have worked really hard on Findingevie and I’d appreciate seeing those numbers go up as well. 

I love how much time I get with Jeremy. I know I am supposed to want to shower alone, but I have really been enjoying the human touch of a bed bath. When the spouse you love is doing something so intimate for you it really makes you feel loved. He knows without feeling totally clean I would melt down faster than butter on a hotcake. I just can’t stand to be dirty or the idea I might be dirty. 

I am so blessed to have Jeremy. He has been right there for me all he could. Some things have really been challenging lately and we have had to lean heavily on each other but somehow, we are pulling through and life seems sunny especially when we are together.  So, I hope this answers how I’m doing. if the mental stuff wasn’t enough, I’ll wrap it up by saying my foot is extremely itchy, it hurts when I use it lightly or when I first hang it down off the bed. I should have been having pt and ot by the time you read this so maybe it’s possible that things have changed a bit. I’m glad to get some exercise going and feel like I’m doing something other than just waiting for it to get better. 

Thank you for all the love and support.

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