My Holiday Wishes

What I am wishing for the holidays:

  • I’d love it if Mom Lug would come to visit since we can’t come to her. 
  • To have all the decorations up by now. 
  • To get all my cards out by the second week in December
  • To be able to walk a little bit by Christmas
  • Insurance would go through for a wheelchair
  • Been able to go out to a few stores to look around
  • Find Jeremy the perfect gift
  • Find the boys the perfect gift
  • Take a great family portrait
  • A family night going to look at lights

Unrealistic wishes. 

  • I wish my mom could come to visit. I know she can’t but it would still be nice. 
  • It would snow on Christmas
  • A new car/truck we can all get into.
  • Lose 30 more lbs. before Christmas

Gift wise:

  • I am wishing for one of those wide two-person chairs for the living room by the bed
  • Maybe some new stackable rings from amazon
  • Hair cut and maybe some color

What are some of your holiday wishes??

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