Self Improvement and Suicide

Content warning: Talks of suicide . . . Self-Improvement month being at the same time as Suicide prevention month is on a fine line of miscommunication. The idea of someone thinking that all suicides involve people that need self-improvement could be flawed. People often think that people who need self improvement are needing the improvement … Continue reading Self Improvement and Suicide

August Favorites

Nexcare Max Hold Waterproof band-aids  Dove Invisible Dry Spray Sheer Fresh Antiperspirant  Dove sensitive & Dove Renewing Body Wash with Peony and Rose OilEOS 24-hour Moisture Body Lotion Vanilla Cashmere {repeat from July} still in love Extra Strength Antacid Assorted Berry Chewable tablets (the Target brand)Torrid Tees and Shorts Have become my favorite thing to … Continue reading August Favorites

The Biggest Gift You Can Give Yourself? Protecting Your Mental Health.

Birthdays come and go but there is something that is always with us and for me, that is my mental health. You literally do not do one thing in your life without it. So, we all have a state of mental health. Some are better at controlling and using theirs than others. For many, many … Continue reading The Biggest Gift You Can Give Yourself? Protecting Your Mental Health.

Let’s Talk (Fat Talk & Age Talk)

How old is old? When you look in the mirror and see your mother? Myself next to my Mom Birth to 17- Fear/responsibility/Fear/being a child 18-24- Feelings of Depression/loss/immaturity living like there was no tomorrow/size crippled me to not living 24 – 31- hope for the future/getting my education/falling in love/moving to a new place/losing … Continue reading Let’s Talk (Fat Talk & Age Talk)