Happy March Beauties. Old photo but it's appropriate for the month! I do not know what March holds. How is it March already? Time just refuses to get back to normal for me. Since September everything has been weird, and difficult. Sitting around literally waiting for it to be ok to walk. Mentally I’m a … Continue reading March

Blog Series: Internet Relationship #6 – Jeremy

This installment brings you into my current relationship… Sharing with you a precious journey… In love, I have had many hurts. I have never thought I was not supposed to have love because of my size. My thoughts of lacking love were all due to my trauma. However, I have experienced love changing due to … Continue reading Blog Series: Internet Relationship #6 – Jeremy

Blog Series: Internet Relationships #4- Mr. H

Sometimes love stories do not end the way you ever expected them to or wanted. However, staying on topic of internet relationships and it being the month of love and heart health, I wanted to only talk about the true romantic loves in my life. To do that I can’t not talk about my Ex.  … Continue reading Blog Series: Internet Relationships #4- Mr. H

National Spouses’ Day

Some time in the 1980s some person probably married and decided to make National Spouses’ Day a thing. Wait I know what you are thinking, don't we have one of those and it’s called Valentine’s Day? Well actually yes and no. While Spouses’ Day is very much for what it implies, Valentine’s Day is more … Continue reading National Spouses’ Day

Blog Series: Internet Relationships #2- The German Guy

Well by now I hope you have had a chance to read the first installment in this new series that will sometimes be serious and sometimes funny with everything in between. Most of the stories I will be sharing were during a time in my life where there is no telling what you’re going to … Continue reading Blog Series: Internet Relationships #2- The German Guy