Recap On My Birthday Month!

I am so thankful. My birthday was so relaxing and sweet. I had a birthday weekend and my birthday was on Monday. Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit I use my birthday /day/week/ month to get some things I want done. The boys have eventually learned that birthday month is a thing when … Continue reading Recap On My Birthday Month!

Cake. More Cake. All The Cakes!

Birthday cakes. Throughout my life, I have had some amazing birthday cakes. To my knowledge most were chocolate. I have had all kinds of homemade cakes decorated in all kinds of ways.  ( you can barely see it but that's coke cake on the table)  One of my favorite birthday cakes is a coke cake. … Continue reading Cake. More Cake. All The Cakes!

Food. All The Food. Let’s Appreciate It Together!

Shhhh! Don’t talk too loudly! This is going to be a blog about all the foods I can think of that deserve space for appreciation. First, let’s address the elephant in the room - why are we whispering? Well, haven’t you heard that fat people can’t publicly admit to eating, much less enjoying eating? Can … Continue reading Food. All The Food. Let’s Appreciate It Together!

Decluttering – The New “IN” Thing

Decluttering is something very “In” right now. We have a never-ending source of decluttering “teaching tools” in all formats. The internet of course being the ever-popular tool for the information that is at your fingertips. I have been a declutterer since I was a little girl. I was always trying to throw away things that … Continue reading Decluttering – The New “IN” Thing

Blog Series: Internet Relationship #6 – Jeremy

This installment brings you into my current relationship… Sharing with you a precious journey… In love, I have had many hurts. I have never thought I was not supposed to have love because of my size. My thoughts of lacking love were all due to my trauma. However, I have experienced love changing due to … Continue reading Blog Series: Internet Relationship #6 – Jeremy

National Spouses’ Day

Some time in the 1980s some person probably married and decided to make National Spouses’ Day a thing. Wait I know what you are thinking, don't we have one of those and it’s called Valentine’s Day? Well actually yes and no. While Spouses’ Day is very much for what it implies, Valentine’s Day is more … Continue reading National Spouses’ Day