The Perfect Panty

The Perfect Panty

Women run business! A mission statement I can believe in! Giving back to the community. On top of that, panties! I think I have discovered the Unicorn Brand! 

 Imagine panties that two friends of vast different sizes and shapes could wear the same trendy style! Matching panties, don’t laugh at that, yes you reading I’m pointing at you. Don’t sit there telling me you never wanted “matching outfits with your friends”! I always did the best I could but it was always a very big difference, because of a lack of sizes to fit me. 

When a company reaches out to me, or replies back to me reaching out to them, I’m always amazed. I sit very still and wonder when someone is going to jump out and start laughing “April’s fools!”. No doubt when Panty Drop reached out, I felt this way. I knew that I would have to do things that I’d normally don’t do. I’d have to be a little bit more on my game. Knowing that this was a company I wanted to do right by.

Panties to me have always been a source of discomfort. When I was young I had very sensitive skin issues, allergies and all sorts of bumps and rashes. The panties available for me as a “big” kid would cut into me, rub me raw and make everything worse. Fast forward to a teen. I continued to have major issues that made the panties I could fit uncomfortable and disappointing. By the time I was in high school I was wearing the biggest panty the local SuperStore offered. Don’t even get me started at how inaccurate the panties were for “the time of the month.” We didn’t have the internet so there was no real solution.

Now as an adult- panties are not as uncomfortable as those from the past but they are weirdly sized, no two panties are actually the same size. Buying the same brand, style, size they will all fit differently. Sometimes not fitting at all, this makes online shopping a nightmare. 

What I have been looking for in a brand “my Unicorn Brand”?  Consistent sizing, full coverage of the butt, and belly, comfort, legs that don’t cut into your skin, has a wide variety of sizes for my always changing body and that offers pretty colors. 

Panty Drop is a size-inclusive company that takes a different approach to designing, to ensure the best fit at every size, as far as I can tell, Panty Drop is that Unicorn. “Dr. Deb Christel, has a Ph.D. and over a decade of research in fat studies, apparel design and psychology to create a fit that supports you from the ground-up.” The perfect panties were designed after listening to women of all sizes talk about their frustrations (low and behold, same as most of mine!) The Perfect Panty & Kade & Vos lines use diverse models and carry sizes up to 8XL but get this, if none of these sizes fit, say you are smaller than a small or bigger than an 8XL they will make a custom pantie just for you. 

Panty Drops mission: “Our mission is to inspire women to be the best they can be. It all starts with great underwear. Through our 1-1-1 program, every Panty Drop box we ship helps close the gender leadership gap.”

Before I tell you about the panties, I want to let you know what the 1-1-1 is. I admit I didn’t know but when I kept reading it moved me a great deal! 

Panty Drop Gives

1% of product

1% of the underwear they ship goes to organizations in need

1% of Time

All Panty Drop employees spend 

1% of their time volunteering

1% of Profit They are committed to donating 

1% of their profits to their giving partners

I don’t know about you, but If I’m totally comfortable – I am happier. I feel more alive and capable. It is inspiring to know others feel like minded enough to create an inclusive brand. Panty Drop fills all the wants of a panty for me and gives back at the same time! 

Even today as I still deal with sensitive skin issues from time to time, I’d not hesitate to wear these panties. The Kade & Vos ones have nothing that will dig or rub in their panties! Sizes Small to 8L, the crotch is amazingly wide and I can’t tell you enough how that alone changes everything. Kade & Vos offer thongs and shorts panties as well as my favorite classic panty. I’m actually debating if I want to give a thong another go! 

Kade&Vos size 6L, in color- Afternoon Rose

Now to talk about the Perfect panty. The sizes are XS to 6XL expanding to 8XL. This panty has the ability to keep you all in your panty. It covers every inch of your butt crack . It has that wide crotch I love so much and the waist stays in place it doesn’t slip down. Wearing this panty is effortless! There is not a better way to wear a panty! 

The Brave Brief Size 36/38, in color -Calm Skies

The Perfect Panty and Kade & Vos teaming up to make Panty Drop is a magic combination! They offer 2 boxes (a 3 pair box or a 4 pair box.) You can buy a box as a one time purchase or you can have a 3-month Panty Drop!

Have a Panty Drop at your door every 3 months!

As for me I 100% recommend Panty drop! I always need more panties. They are a daily staple! Invest in yourself and your comfort!

Shop my link Here or use FINDINGEVIE20 at checkout at

I want to Thank Panty Drop for gifting me a box of panties that I absolutely love.

XOXO🎀 Evie

















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