Making Money as a Content Creator

I remember as a girl scout how I loved and hated the cookie season. As the resident fat girl I loved cookies but I hated having to ask anyone to buy them. I am more the type to give than to receive, and it has always been this way. All throughout school I hated asking anyone to buy anything from me. I think this stemmed from being poor. I knew in my own family being asked to buy something would mean that a bill would have to go unpaid or groceries not bought. So therefore, it transferred over to thinking it was that way for everyone at least when I was young. When I got older (10 or so) and realized not everyone was poor it still stayed in my mind that it was not a good thing to have to ask anyone for money, even for goods and services. So I ended up doing way too many things for free in my life like babysitting, cleaning my friends’ rooms, and cleaning their parents’ houses. 

As an adult I found myself married and dependent on someone else. Unlike some I do not have family I can turn to in case of real need. I found myself hating being dependent on another, and hating staying in a marriage because I could not take care of myself financially. While we were basically living off the kindness of his parents, it was still a dependent situation especially after I was not able to work. I knew when I left I was going to have to depend on the kindness of others until I could figure out a way to make money on my own. Currently I have a stable relationship with my fiancé where he takes care of my needs but I know I can’t live totally off him, which fuels my deep desire to be financially independent. What if something happened to Jeremy? What if, God forbid, we break-up? What if he isn’t able to work anymore? All these things are a constant, heavy burden in my life. I never ever again want to know what it feels like to have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. I want to be self-sufficient and stand on my own two feet. When Jeremy and I marry, I do not want to add to it a heavy burden of debt, which is exactly what I will be with my student loans and health care concerns/costs. I want to be financially stable before we even discuss the when/how/etc of getting married. I don’t have to be rich, or have years ahead planned out, but I would like to be able to give something to what we are building as a couple, and not just be the one to take. 

So this is where I find myself now. For the last four years I have been trying to make a name for myself and find my niche here on social media. However, up till now I never felt like I had the right tools for success. Jeremy has been so kind to provide me with some of these tools. Finally I feel like I have the ability to produce valuable content to help others but I still have work to do. Since this venture of mine is supposed to be my way of creating a stable income for myself, I have to continue to work on ways to make money. This leads me to the questions I get about how to make income on social media. 

In order to make money on social media, I think first you have to have a goal. I have many goals, with three of them being a main focus for me right now:

  • To be financially stable
  • To be able to help people grow in their mental health journeys (one day I’d love to have a nonprofit for women that find themselves needing to leave their relationships but have no known skills to support themselves) 
  • To be able to concentrate on writing– books. 

To do all of this income is needed first. Social media, for years, has become a new world we have found ourselves in that is providing millions of people with stable income. We turn to the internet to do everything from fixing a broken nail to changing the motor in our cars. There is a never-ending amount of content to be made. The problem is becoming popular (which means more foot traffic to your pages, which means possible revenue down the road). When thinking about how much work it takes, it can trigger us to remember what it was like being in high school again wishing we were the cool kid as life didn’t seem so tricky. For lucky folks that kind of fall into fame and have stable income, good for you. That’s not me though. What I am is one of thousands of plus size creators all pedaling ways to love yourself better. I’m one of hundreds of thousands trying to bring mental health care to the forefront of people’s minds to make it stay there. So, for me, first I wanted to figure out what about me stands apart from all those others…

Hello I am Evie, I am a social media content creator (because I hate the word and meaning of influencer). I’m an infinifat/plus size divorced white female. Nothing special to see here, right? WRONG. 

I am Evie and I am all those things I just mentioned but more so I love people, animals, and I have the desire to make this world a better, kinder place. To do that I need your help:

Ways to help make my dreams come true (also see the links below):

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  • LIKE < SHARE < SAVE all my content across the board: Instagram, YouTube, tiktok’s, and follow me on Facebook. 

So, even though I cringed writing this, it is a question I get often. The question of “how can I help support you”. This is it. This is my work. I am trying to constantly improve daily with wanting to be worth being sought after. I am so proud of how far I have come but have so far to go. If you can’t do any of these things I mentioned above, I would ask for your prayers. Prayers of health, happiness, and success. I would, and do, the same for you. 

My Linktree:

Amazon: Monat:

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