Food. All The Food. Let’s Appreciate It Together!

Shhhh! Don’t talk too loudly! This is going to be a blog about all the foods I can think of that deserve space for appreciation. First, let’s address the elephant in the room - why are we whispering? Well, haven’t you heard that fat people can’t publicly admit to eating, much less enjoying eating? Can … Continue reading Food. All The Food. Let’s Appreciate It Together!

National Go Barefoot / Nail Polish Day, Yay!

These are the days when National Go Barefoot and National Nail Polish Day fall together and I can totally get behind recognizing these days. As a country girl, I have never loved wearing shoes. I always liked my bare feet. I could walk over hot asphalt, through sticker patches, mud - you name it I … Continue reading National Go Barefoot / Nail Polish Day, Yay!

Let’s Talk (Fat Talk & Age Talk)

How old is old? When you look in the mirror and see your mother? Myself next to my Mom Birth to 17- Fear/responsibility/Fear/being a child 18-24- Feelings of Depression/loss/immaturity living like there was no tomorrow/size crippled me to not living 24 – 31- hope for the future/getting my education/falling in love/moving to a new place/losing … Continue reading Let’s Talk (Fat Talk & Age Talk)

Pants – A Small Word With A Big Job

Pants is one small simple word that causes such drama for us big ladies, especially for lymph ladies. With Lipedema, lymphoedema, or both, wearing clothes becomes something not only we dread but sometimes seems impossible to find clothes fit. For me, my legs are a huge problem in finding pants. My waist is smaller than … Continue reading Pants – A Small Word With A Big Job

Blog Series: Internet Relationships #12: Catfishing

Everyone knows Catfishing is not the hobby of yesterday sitting on the banks with a pole waiting for a bite. NOPE, it’s normally a predator looking to hook you on the promise of love so whatever it is they're trying to steal from you is within their reach. However, sometimes Catfishing happens in a way … Continue reading Blog Series: Internet Relationships #12: Catfishing