My Relationship With Food As Of Now

I have a love-hate relationship with food. I think this builds on top of years and years of twisted relationships with food. Who reading this is from a southern family where you didn’t have a lot of money? This next part maybe will resonate with you. One day you can be sitting at the table and being told not to get seconds because you need to lose weight while the next day you are being forced to clean your plate because of “manners”! Our parents surely have some play in how we see food today. I feel this every time I eat, Oh I have to clean my plate. It’s so wasteful not to, etc.

If I am being totally honest there is not a lot of food that I like. I have a pretty small list. My ex-husband was fantastic at getting me to try new things. Omg at his parent’s house I had to always sit by him so I could sneak food onto his plate. I didn’t want to be rude to his mom or grandmother but some of the Asian food they made I could not even think about digesting. 

Jeremy has an even smaller list of food that he will eat than I do. So, I am never really challenged here. Which isn’t a bad thing. My favorite foods may surprise you. Ok, wait, my favorite food would not surprise you. It is Pizza and sweet foods. Then my next favorites would surprise you. I love salads. Onions and lettuce are just so yummy. I love a variety of lettuce goodness. I also love sweet potatoes, turnip greens, collard greens, broccoli, and cauliflower. I’m not big on Jell-O’s, and pudding-type things. Meats are on the strict burn me or don’t serve me list.

Fat people don’t just eat junk or at least most of us don’t just eat junk. I’m sure they’re some. I grew up hating a lot of things that were good to me and about 25 things started switching up and I began to love vegetables even when not fried. 

Food has become hard for me. Sometimes I can eat something that has a funky texture and I’ll be ok but if I overthink it, I’m done. Like this very thing just happened with bananas. I love bananas, but now all I can see is the texture and it isn’t good. Do you have a hard time with textures? I used to love falafels but while the taste of chickpeas was good, the texture was not. Although this was one of my favorite foods, I could not stand that texture. 

How do you take things like texture and move forwards with your relationship with food? Just like with anything you have to learn to expand your world. In fact, this is good for just getting yourself into eating healthy things. 

  1. Make a list of the foods you love and have no sentry issues with – there you go see how much is on your list. Yes, yes, I know it can still feel like so little. 
  2. Also make a list of food you can’t take. Not ones you just hate but ones you have not tried or really want to try. 
  3. Plan your meals with foods you like and one dish that pushes you to eat and try foods you do not like.  By trying just one dish at a time with foods you already like, you have that option to be able to eat still in case you can’t take the food that is being tested.
  4. Ask someone that is a good cook and someone you trust to introduce me to food. A good cook can hide a vegetable or meat in a traditional dish that everyone likes. 
  5. Be determined to try. 

While my relationship with food is not great, I am proud that it has come so far from what it used to be. I still am very much addicted to sweet foods and all the delish things that involve but I’m trying hard to moderate the sweets and take notice of the actual food I am eating. xoxo, Evie

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