Recap On My Birthday Month!

I am so thankful. My birthday was so relaxing and sweet. I had a birthday weekend and my birthday was on Monday. Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit I use my birthday /day/week/ month to get some things I want done. The boys have eventually learned that birthday month is a thing when you’re a girl. Lol… and it’s sacred. Friday and Saturday they actually did chores with no complaints. Even the extra chores on Friday were done without any huffing and puffing. It was magical folks. These kids have huffed and puffed all the way with the idea they have chores to do. I don’t know if that is localized or a worldwide phenomenon, that teenagers think that they are the only ones having to do chores. Whatever this particular first weekend in August they made no complaints. I was so pleased and surprised.  

Saturday, Jeremy’s brother and sister-in-law stopped by. We had not seen them since before covid. It was a rare outing for them as well as for us receiving guests. It was a nice visit. I honestly don’t remember much of Saturday. I took a gummy and was pretty out for the count that afternoon. I do vaguely remember picking a movie for James the oldest to reject because it was a horror movie and choosing an action movie that looked interesting but instead of watching I fell fast asleep. 

Sunday Jeremy let me sleep in. Once I was up, he brought breakfast to our room and I ate the yummy cinnamon rolls and bacon while I watched YouTube for a bit. I recorded something I needed to record and finally made my way downstairs. I think we watched TV and then Jeremy went to town. I watched a movie, and when he got back, he and the boys went to work in the kitchen. I believe the kid’s mom got here the same time Jeremy returned home. We haven’t seen as much of her and we haven’t been able to hang out. I am either sick or worried about getting sick and of course and her work also adds a smaller window to hang out. However, on birthdays and holidays, we normally are together, and honestly, it is nice. She and I get along well. The kids seem to like when we get together and it seems like a pretty natural situation. This is true even if (and I haven’t asked her but) I know when I say something about her coming over, I get a ton of questions. Questions such as: do you really like her, is it weird, what does Jeremy do? To me, the questions are funny when they are not annoying or creepy. 

 So, while the boy’s mom and I visited, Jeremy was the lead chef and the boys were his sous chefs. We had like a full course meal. It started with rolls and macaroni salad, which went into Shrimp, and Andrew made homemade cocktail sauce which was the best sauce I have tasted. Then spaghetti and meatballs with string beans and garlic bread. Followed by the Chocolate on Chocolate 7-layer cake with white-covered strawberries on top that Jeremy actually had to do himself and he did a terrific job. We finished watching a movie and then they went home.  

 I knew Jeremy would be off on Monday so that was special. He had taken off for my birthday but then he heard from an old work companion who wanted to get together so they planned lunch. Jeremy knew sleep was the best gift he could give me. So, I slept. I had planned on doing no work for my birthday and so I not only slept, I slept without feeling regret. Man, that felt good. I was up before Jeremy returned home and we had dinner later on of yummy leftovers from my birthday celebration the day before and of course, leftover birthday cake topped off with a quiet night watching shows. It was a lovely birthday. 

As for gifts, I was blessed with just what I wanted and my friends were so sweet with all the text, Dm’s, Facebook messages  and snaps!  

While if you have known me in the past the bigger the birthday even could be the better, I like it. There must be something in getting older maybe? I don’t know what it is but this peaceful, low-key, birthday was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.  If you want to see what I got for my birthday I have posted a YOUTUBE blog that you can check out here… 


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