Birthday Wishlist!

A question you often get asked when it is around your birthday is, “What do you want for your birthday?”. 

Of course, there are things I wish for when I think of gifting to the world. I wish for peace and love to flow. I wish gun control would be an actual thing and police and people of color were not standing against each other. I would wish for women to have control over their bodies, and for medical care that would take more opportunities to give the health care women deserve. Examples include better access to birth control, parenting classes, adoption to be more affordable, and everyone just stops and praises God for all the good he gives to us that we are to busy dealing with all the above situation to see. 

Material things are not so much needed but of course there are things I want lol. If you’re interested, you can see my Wishlist on Amazon under Findingevie Noor. I’ll list some of my favorites here and just some big wishes – 

*A Mini two-night Road trip to Maine so I can finally say I have been to every state on the eastern side of the country.  

*Squishmallow 24-inch unicorn

*Crumble cookies 

*Ulta Gift card

*Torrid Gift card

* A new roomy ride (this one is basically for family needs)

If you are like me , you may have an Amazon wish list with high priced things and sensibly priced items, all things you want but live without.

Now for the Amazon items:

*Mirror stand that doubles as  a jewelry box because I need some form of jewelry container.  I would have a mirror and a jewel box all the same. 

* Nail kit with different heads to shape your nails and cuticles. 


*Orange candy


* Other Mis. Jewelry 


*Mirror for vanity (like the jewelry box/mirror combo 😉 )  

I’m pretty simple. The other things on my list are expensive and while I like them, I am not asking for any of them but I have them on my wish list to hopefully manifest them one day. 

Regarding the mirror jewelry box, I love jewelry and while I do not have a ton, the jewelry I have is spread out and I’d love to contain it all in one place. Plus, a girl can never have too many mirrors. While I am trying on more and more items from companies, I need some statement pieces for my ears. I found some great statement earrings and added them to my wish list. I have lovely earrings but not a lot of statement pieces. Who knew I’d need loud and soul-gripping earrings? 

You may be wondering about the patches. Well, I have an awesome jacket and it is coming along with patches. I love collecting patches and adding them to my jacket. I used to have a bag full of patches and I have no idea what happened to it, one of those things that got lost in the divorce I’d imagine. 

A birthday wish list would not be complete with a few silly things that would just make my day. Like these foot soakers that look like huge shoes… I mean why not? It seems perfectly logical. I am currently really into anything that is gadget related. They have this really pretty ring that has flowers but there are three rings around it that you can move. I want this ring so bad.

 Probably what most 40 plus years olds don’t ask for is I’ve wanted a squishmallow pink Unicorn or cow one so bad. This reminds me of my 18 birthdays when I got a Christmas year collector barbie and a tickle-me-Elmo and a big ole pooh bear. 

2002/24yrs old

Presents do not make a birthday. For me, it has always been about celebrating with loved ones and friends. I do believe though that presents can give the receiver a bit of love that otherwise they would not feel. Feeling special is a sense that someone wants to go a bit extra for you. A note or a gift, something that shows the person was truly thinking of you!

XOXO, Evie

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