The “How To” Guide For Packing For A Vacation

Over the years I have packed way too much. I was the only kid with three suitcases at church for 5 days of 4-night camp. I always blamed it on the fact I had to wear nothing but dresses because that is how my family believed while others got to wear pants and shorts. You open one of my suitcases up and it would be freshly pressed dresses for Church at night. I had stick instructions to take them out as soon as I got there and hang them up. I have another suitcase with ironed skits and tees or button-downs for “day wear” and then one for my sleep and underwear, sheets, and towels. 

Fast forward to when I would go on a two-day night weekend trip with the in-laws, I’d had a huge bag, with at least five outfits. On my eight-night 9-day cruise for my honeymoon, I had stuff in my husband’s bag, my bag, my carry-on, his carry-on, my purse, and our camera bag. I literally could have moved to an island for summer and not have to wear too many things twice.  

I promised myself If I ever go on another cruise I will only pack what I actually wore on that first cruise.  I still have to work on packing light but it honestly gives me a thrill that I am in the mindset to try. So here goes my summer getaway packing list for clothes. 

I am going to use a 4-day, 3-night travel time because I’ve been told this is the common number of days & nights people go on little vacations. Note that ladies going on cruises have asked me this question the most… I’ll be adding side bars for them. 


  • Favorite pair of jean shorts (note if you do not wear shorts your favorite pair of nice jean capris or favorite skirt that goes with everything or a favorite pair of decent leggings.)
  • Favorite pair of comfortable jersey shorts (note if you do not wear shorts subs can be: jersey capris/comfy long maxi skirt) (note: think of pulling on over a swimsuit, chilling on deck watching the sunset, going to movies, etc.) 
  • 1 to 2 Sun dresses that can be fancy or casual
  • 1 Sweatshirt
  • 1 Nice shirt
  • 1 Cami 
  • 1 Tee 
  • 1 Swimsuit (you only need one) but if you just must, 2 is ok. 
  • 1 Swim shorts 
  • 1 Flip flop that can be walked in
  • 1 Swim shoes
  • 1 Sandal that can go with both sun dresses. 
  • Underwear5 sets trust me especially if you’re going on a cruise, you will not use them all. 
  • 1 Sleep outfit or remember it’s vacation and sleep nude…
  • Remember you will also have your travel clothes. (If flying id suggests light leggings, a fav shirt, and a hoodie with easy-to-remove shoes Maybe the flip-flops from above) or if you are one of those people who exercise on vacation wear your tennis shoes. 

All of this, with a toiletry bag, and a small selection of jewelry (for the sundress to be dressed up) will fit in a medium bag but honestly, I’d go for a large bag because you always shop on trips…. 

  • Don’t forget your meds, always pack at least 2 extra days. 
  • Sunblock
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Hair products
  • Light make-up look
  • Put together a first aid kit so you don’t have to buy on ship or resort 

Hope this helps. If you want more help or have specific questions let me know. XOXO happy vacationing.

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