Mental Health tips and tricks that no professional will tell you …

PSA. Please do not take this too seriously. It is meant to be a (for me) talk about some things that have really helped me over the years, no matter how bad they are. 

Mental health is a broad topic. There are so many different ways to handle one person who has numerous mental health issues. Sometimes we have to invent things that help. Sometimes some of the things we do seems like a good solution at the time but in reality, does not help at all.  Here are some of my endless dealing techniques.

When you have nerves that make your body hurt, your head spin, and your heart flutter, there are ways to combat the nerves:

  • Bubble wrap – some times can last for hours. It is a way to concentrate on something but keeping your hands busy. It also is a way for me to calm down the rhythm of popping. It is very relaxing. 
  • Following this, you can now buy pop-its which are made of silicone and shaped in various forms that give you a constant popping tool.
  •  Going into the bathroom and running my wrist under cool water. This is very soothing, for various reasons. It can help if you feel sick, mad, frustrated, scared, weak, nervous, to name a few. It really helps me to feel better and be able to move forward. (This one will actually be something professionals will tell you.)
  • Hot as you can stand it showers ending in a cold rinse. It is something about the extreme change of temp that shocks your system and makes you think about something else while also soothes and wakes you up if nothing else.
  • Chocolate candy. If I am having a hard time getting a task completed, I will find a treat, like hershey kisses.  I will set limits and times; do five minutes of the task you’re doing and don’t want to be and you can have a kiss. Then do ten minutes and you can have a kiss. 
  • Keep your Calmigo near buy and use it. It can stop my shaking (associated with Essential tremors) from getting me upset to even calming my shaking down. 
  • Lay or sit in a comfortable position and stretch your body as far as possible. I do this sometimes to the point I actually do loosen up and it makes everything better. 
  • Sit in a comfortable position, putting your arms loose by your sides, palms up, Take deep soothing breaths through your nose and out with your mouth. This can last a short time or you can do it as long as you need till you feel your body destressing and losing up. 
  • Find a way to totally escape. Can you escape during a movie> take a long walk> listen to music so loud you can’t hear anything but the music? Find your safe escape. 
  • SLEEP – almost no therapist will tell you to do this. From experience, a good intense sleep sometimes for days is the one thing that can calm my anxiety or help the depression stay away. 
  • Keep the mind set. You can do anything for one minute, and one minute turns into five and five turns into 10 so on and so forth. 

Things not to do:

  • Dye your hair – IN fact don’t cut, or dye your hair out of feeling down, hopeless, dead inside, anxiety, or bored. 
  • Making decisions that change your life. Examples: making large purchases, selling things, moving, breaking up or getting together with a special or not so special person. 
  • Tattoos should be something you do when in sound mind. Anything permanent should be avoided.
  • Serious conversations – you should not take your pain or anxiety as a time to have a serious conversation with someone. 
  • Puppies – in fact any living creature should never be purchased, adopted during a time of you struggling. 
  • Phone calls & texting to those that you have past with. Your mental health breakdown or anxiety should not be when you have long conversations.

XOXO, Evie

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