My Bucket List

Hey, Y’all. I have never really made my true bucket list available for people to read. I have done some but nothing that was really personal. I have made a personal bucket list in my diary 100 times over. There is only one bucket list that matters though. It was the one I made when I decided to lose weight. Ya, I completed almost everything on that list because I made obtainable goals and really worked towards them. Every goal I was able to mark off was a huge win for me. There were a lot of tears during the completion of something new on my list. So, I am going to try and be as honest and open while I’m sharing this bucket list with you. This is my new Bucket list, the one where I am again trying to change my life and get healthy once more. I hope once you see my bucket list you can form one of your own and maybe share with me what yours looks like as well. 

This list is not in any particular order – just writing them as I think of them. 

Bucket list for Evie Noor – starting 7-2022

  1. To be healthy enough to travel to see my mom
  2. Get to the point where I can walk to the car and get into the car with ease
  3. Set up a steady exercise program that I can manage daily
  4. Make getting dressed appropriately daily a part of my lifestyle.  ( get out of pjs daily)
  5. Go get my nails and toes done
  6. Get my hair professionally done
  7. Get to go in stores again (where it be by wheelchair or walking)
  8. Get my New England fat ladies’ groups up and running
  9. Make sufficient money from all the work I am doing
  10. Get my lip/lymphedema under control
  11. Be able to wear jeans from Old Navy again
  12. Get a Torrid pr box and work with them
  13. Work with Lane Bryant
  14. Work with Universal Standard again
  15. Be able to get all my work done during the week successfully
  16. Be able to clean my house all by myself again
  17. Move into a house that will be both Jeremy and my house instead of me feeling like I’m living in someone else’s house
  18. Have a walk-in closet
  19. Have a room for filming and my office 
  20. Get a back massage by a professional
  21. Get a new GP
  22. Have my new retainers made 
  23. Have a tooth put in where there is one missing. 
  24. Have my permanent retainers fixed 
  25. Be able to hike the white mountains and wade in the streams
  26. Garden outside without help
  27. Have a pool and use it … 
  28. Have a patio where I can sit and relax
  29. Own a cocker spaniel again
  30. Own a big dog 
  31. Get a wheelchair for those times one is needed
  32. Get my health all sorted
  33. Travel
  34. Go camping with my Jeremy and his boys
  35. Have a girl vacation with friends
  36. Meet Kandee Johnson 
  37. Meet Rosie O’Donnell 
  38. See my nieces and maybe one day my littles niece & nephews
  39. Visit my brother & wife and my nephew
  40. Have my own vehicle ( a Rav 4) or something similar

This will be an ever-growing list. As I think of things, I can’t do that I miss doing. I will add it. Check back to see. I’d love to hear some of your bucket list items. XOXO

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