A Look Back on 2021

Did 2021 even happen? To some of us, 2021 was the great entry back into life from the 2020 shutdown, for others it was just an extension to 2020. For me personally not too much changed. Ok nothing changed except maybe I went easier on the boys and Jeremy about baths, hand washing, and germ X. For me a lot of worry happened in 2021 – I was worried about getting sick, I was worried about my loved ones getting sick. Thankfully most of us did the vaccinations. Yet … There were some that just refused and it left me with constant worry. 

Staying home when I can, and staying warm!!

This is where I call out my best friend. She got covid and in true form she got a pretty severe case. However, because of where she lives and the lack of common sense via the medical care available, she was never hospitalized although that is where she needed to be. She did get better eventually but has not been the same health wise since. She did, with much pressure from me, give in and got vaccinated. Of course, when she had side effects from the vaccination I got bitched out! I am preparing the fight in me to start on the fact she needs to get her booster. Wish me luck…. She still does not “believe in the idea she should have the vaccines”. 

 Now this is where I call out my mother.  With all honesty I do not care what anyone else does. Sure, I’d love for you to get the vaccines, but if you are really so strongly feeling you should not, I’m like ok that is on you! BUT, and this is a big but, with my bestie and my mom? I went hard. Everyday hard. I complained, bitched, argued and kept on, right up to the point where my mom did in fact get Covid. She too had it pretty bad but nowhere as bad as the bestie. Because of her age and her withstanding illnesses they offered to give her the drip that helps you heal faster. She took it and just a day later she was drastically better. Thank God for modern science. One go around with Covid not only changed my mom’s mind about vaccines but about wearing masks in general. She now obeys!

Visiting a great friend

While I was kept safe from Covid, I was not kept safe from the worst asthma I have ever experienced. My lungs were totally shutting down. I could not take but a few steps before I was totally winded. It was terrible. I was so scared that I was going to one day not be able to catch my breath. This fear was even more ingrained in me. I had to do everything I could to stay safe from Covid. Finally, almost a year later, I was sent to a doctor that was the best doctor, with the kindest staff who found that I had an inflamed airway and that it was not other outstanding issues; it was in fact my lungs! I was given meds and feel so much better. I still wheeze but feel so much better. 

2021 was a huge test of patience. Some battles I won and some I did not.  Jeremys’ oldest son turned 16 and not a moment too soon. With my niece I saw this pattern that between the ages of 12 and 14 – the teens are like aliens to us and should be avoided as much as possible but once they turn 16, they can start to be integrated back into normal population again. NOT A MOMENT TO SOON. I was beginning to only attend therapy to deal with the fact this kid acted like he hated me. He has begun to treat me with respect and as much kindness as he can muster. Honestly, I learned that maybe my patience was not as good as I had thought. I can’t actually say if he is treating me better because of aging out of that awkward early teen stage or if it was the threat that if he spoke to me harsh once more, I was going to take his phone from him and he would have to earn it back…

Our oldest…Happy 16th Birthday!!

May was a surprise! May was wonderful. Jeremy proposed to me one night when it was just him and I sitting on the sofa watching tv. He slipped in under the radar and popped the question and had a beautiful ring. I walked around on cloud nine, and I’m not sure I have completely come down yet. Jeremy is so different from any one I have ever known. He treats me like a queen. He loves me endlessly and I am so wrapped up in the fact that this man loves me. Sometimes I just drift off to fairyland and see twinkles all around and wonder if in fact is this real or am I dreaming it? Every day with Jeremy is not all perfect moments but life in general with Jeremy is. I have learned so many things since coming to be in a committed relationship with Jeremy. Things I wish I had known with my first marriage. Some I know would have helped and some I know would have changed nothing. Overall I have grown up a great deal, and now see relationships differently. 

In all, 2021 was not a bad year. I went back and forth between my home and my bestie in NY where I would stay one to two weeks each trip. I love my time working and just socializing. It feels good to be around someone that knows what you are dealing with. Other than those outings and an occasional ride to see the world around me and doctors’ appointments, I stayed in and was pretty cut off from the dangerous world. So overall, 2021 has been a nice year and I refuse to complain about it. Of course, there was a lot of world pain and suffering, loss, and violence. I pray that people can just stop and love each other. That is all it would take. Just stop all the hate. For parents to do better to keep their kids in good head spaces, teachers do better to stop bullying at school, and the law to do better at controlling their encounters with everyone. Natural disasters seem to be the only time people come together and we wonder why God allows disasters to happen?

That is my year in a wrap. I hope that your 2021 was decent and you are excited for the new year. Tell me about your plans below!

 XOXO, Evie

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