My “One Day” Dream

Sometimes we have dreams that will never come true. Sometimes we have dreams that form from life events, and sometimes we have dreams that we share and they come to be. As time goes by, more and more my heart grows for others. Being online and in the public eye, people reach out to me thinking I can help. If it’s something I can do of course I do try. However, a lot of people seem to think that if you are a content creator that you have money. This is more so false than true. Sure, there are content creators that have made it big. They have the life they have because of their popularity. But for many of us we are just trying to hang in there. In fact, a lot of us do not even make steady incomes. It is a dream to make a steady income. I have been trying for some time and eventually I hope to make it! 

Making a steady income is not my only dream. My big dream is to one day team up with my love Jer and buy a building. I am thinking of a four- or five-unit building or a big house with the ability to make at least 3 apartments out of it. I want to make these apartments have some of the rooms accessible for big bodies and handicap bodies. I want this building to be in a safe neighborhood with security and with public transportation that will be easy to use if need be.  I want this to be a furnished or not situation. Most of all I want this to be something that women of size know exist. I want all women to know of this place, thinking of it as their safe place to escape and to find peace and to learn to live on their own if need be.  The only conditions would be no drugs, no men (children not counted as men), and they would need to either find a job or help out in the building to fund their stay. Of course, we would help them find jobs, and have day care within the building. There are so many things that would have to be figured out before this ever got off the ground but this is a dream that I really want to see come true. 

Where did this dream come from? It started long ago as a young teen. If it were not for my grandparents I would have run away and I would have been on my own. Often the desire to not be close to my mom kept me at my friends’ homes for weeks at a time. Then as a married woman with a need to find a safe place to live yet having no money, no family, no transportation, I was lucky to literally form a relationship with someone that would take me in having never met in person. My situation would have been a lot smoother and I would not have lost as much if I had somewhere to go where I could have ended my marriage before I started a new relationship. I lost a lot of reputation points and people began to look at me and treat me differently because of it – the same people that would not even pick me up for church on Sundays or offer me a sofa to sleep on. Even those I had asked for help, their opinions were still much lower than mine on how I left my marriage. I don’t want other women to go through what I had to. I do not want girls to have to live in abusive families, nor wives to be in a position where they can’t protect themselves or their children. I want to use my platform and my voice to create a safe place for all those females out there that need it. 

You may ask why I would not open my doors to everyone. Well, the fact is that men have so many more options than women. Men can easily get into any number of places to stay the night. Guys just have it easier when needing to ask a friend to stay on their sofa or out in a garage. Men can safely sleep in their cars more than women can. I am a female and I know more about our challenges so it just makes sense. 

Remember – this is a dream. It’s not something that is going to happen tomorrow. So many things have to happen and this will take years. I won’t forget this is my dream and I will not throw away hope. Every step closer to financially supporting myself brings me one step closer to helping others in a bigger way. 

What is a dream you have that may seem impossible but speaking it makes it feel real?

XOXO, Evie

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