New Year’s Resolutions

Boy, how did we get here? If I am truthful, I do not even remember last New years eve. I’m pretty sure that means it was not extraordinary. New Year’s Eve was only ever a big thing because of fireworks. In the south all major holidays are celebrated by poor people spending a crap ton of money to literally burn up into the sky. Oh, and don’t forget the ability to shoot your guns off an obnoxious number of times… So, for the exception of a few teenage years that I got excited over the holidays I can’t say I was ever much for the New Years holiday. On top of the fact I was always scared the world was going to end… DON’T LAUGH!! I was raised in a highly religious family that I am very grateful for but (and this is a big but), I maybe should have talked about my thoughts more because as an adult I’m pretty sure I was the most stressed-out kid back then due to always worrying about the world ending. 

To be honest, anything I can’t have control over in some small way freaks me out, which is one of the reasons it has been a long time since I made resolutions in the traditional sense (I am more for goal setting at my birthday each year). This year I’m not sure if I want to make any resolutions. I hate letting myself down at the end of said period because I have not accomplished what I had intended to. That being said…

For the sake of New Years, let’s say I was to make resolutions. What would mine be? 

  • To spend more time doing things that make me happy instead of just watching endless hours of youtube and cable. 
  • To take more responsibility with my social media presence
  • Grow my small business ( MONAT)
  • Text my friends more
  • Text my mom more
  • To get physically fit again. (In no particular order: health management, mental health management and weight loss). I even dreaded writing that because people make me sick with their comments saying, “OH YOU’RE SO FAT AND GROSS”….. well folks, there is nothing gross about me or my body. However, I do feel winded and tired and I don’t enjoy it. 

Is that enough “make myself better,” mumbo jumbo? Seriously though, I would love to achieve these things and I’ve heard that once you speak these you manifest them? What if you fail though and have all of this on your back now? New years or not we should all pick some point in the year to touch base with ourselves and see what it is we can do to stay on the path we need to be on. It’s not resolutions I’m against, it’s all the negative ways they are used to pressure people to do the unattainable. 

So, if you are a serial New Year’s resolutions maker, may I offer some standards to live by?

  • When talking about weight, don’t put down your body or bodies in general. 
  • Choose attainable goals
  • Make a plan to carry out resolutions.
  • Maybe not share them with the world? (Sometimes we need to keep some things to ourselves.)

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