Therapy 101

Have you ever been to group therapy? Well at the beginning of a session they make you, or rather I should say ask you, to sign or agree to a confidentiality policy where you do not discuss what goes on in the group. 

OH BOY… It is tragic that I can not talk about what goes on in group because I have so many things I could say that would make you laugh. Mostly things about myself. Since I can’t talk about what we say in the therapy sessions, I can talk about therapy itself instead. 

First off, if you ever needed therapy and had any kind of issues going to therapy, 2022 is the time to get in the door with a therapist. Having therapy from the comfort of my home is the most amazingly beneficial thing that has come out of COVID. I used to get so nervous and upset going to therapy due to all the things I had to push myself to do. Now all I have to do is be up, have clothes on and be in a private area where it is just me and my therapist via facetime. 

This also goes for group except we do this with about 10 other people and two therapists online over zoom. This at first terrified me. In order to attend group, you must put your camera on. I mean it’s not like I want to be known as a floating head, however it’s great they can’t see below my waist.  I think the worst part of therapy is because I am such a people watcher, I begin to watch the people and scope out their backgrounds instead of paying attention to the lesson. It IS nice to see the faces of others though, especially when knowing that they can relate to me. 

My group therapy just moved to a new time slot: NOON. They do not even know how many times I have come on to group with no pants on. Heck, most days I fight to even put a top on. Pants and a bra is just out of the question for noon. I do a lot of work late into the night sometimes, and I like my sleep in the morning. Somehow, I did manage to make every group so far. Truth is, group this time around is really helpful and I am getting way more out of it than I did the first time around. Now that I type it though, I believe that is not a fair statement. I would not be where I am today if not for the first round of group. What is my group about? Well, it is a form of therapy that helps you deal with your issues. The group is based on DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. 

My groups have changed a little bit. There are some familiar faces and some new ones. I ended up last go around with a person I knew face to face. We handled it well though and didn’t have any problems arise. This time I sit there and honestly think I could be friends with a couple of the female people.  One seems a lot like me, but I know I could probably be her mom. The other one seems to be super chipper, like really likeable and happy most of the time. There is one lady probably close to my age but she seems years older than me in attitude and presence. SHE ANNOYS ME. Almost anytime she speaks I get so upset and end up biting the sides of my mouth to prevent me from saying something rude to her or pointing out how rude she is. There are guys in the group too and I think that’s cool guys need therapy just like us women.

The therapists themselves are who I like to watch the most: one male and one female. I think the female therapist is easy to read. She wears her feelings on her face and I love her. The guy though, he is less easy to read. He also could read books for a living to sooth people. I love listening to him talk but seriously I get so sleepy I think i’m going to fall out of my chair sometimes. Best voice ever. He seems to really care. 

I will say it again: I so wish I could talk about group therapy more than this. There is such a fun monolog that goes on in my head as I sit there staring at these people on screen wondering if they have pants on or not!

What are your experiences with therapy? Share your thoughts below in the comments! 

xoxo – Evie

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