Memorial Day

I am posting my Memorial Day post at the bottom of this blog, looking for photos, writing these words made me think of how things have changed. How traditions are no longer a part of my life and how making new traditions have been hard for me.

When you move to a new place, change relationships, make new friends , have kids or just ( have life happen), traditions change. Up till I was 29 most of my childhood traditions were still in effect. Then I moved to New York and some things changed others stayed the same.

My ex-husband and I somehow managed to make his and mine traditions work together. His family even embraced Easter for me. One thing my ex Never did was honor my two request ( It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as I get a easter basket and at Christmas a stocking.) I am not exactly sure why these things were so important to me other than it’s the Hollidays that My life was the most calm and special. He never understood how much I needed that. I’d walk around part of the day every year all hurt and sad.

Now with my Boyfriend, I’ve had three easters and one was forgotten . I didn’t get the same kind of mad. Maybe I’m growing up ? Or maybe traditions seem useless now in a way. At 40 do I really need to make new traditions? All my traditions seem to have gone by the way side. Even the new traditions I built in my married life are gone. Sometimes this makes me so sad I can’t feel my self breath. Other times it’s a relief to not have pressure of creating something it will never be again.

It all boils down to what you think about that is your traditions. What you hold on to , to stay connected to feelings you once had. I have broken a lot of traditions but there are some things I still try to hold on to. Like Christmas goes up the day of thanksgiving – this past year it went up supper early because frankly we needed it during Covid. Then it comes down on or as close to New Years as possible. Memorial Day and Fourth of July is set aside for Grilling/ BBQing , watching movies, night fire with s’mores, movies till bed! As I mentioned before I find my self feeling relieved at times to not have to stress out as much as I always have. Life is grand and special you don’t have to recreate the same thing every year to be blessed with memories worth having.

What are your summer Holliday traditions?

Today is Memorial Day it is a federal holliday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties. As time stretches it seems more and more people do not celebrate the “ federal Hollidays” . Memorial Day originally held on the 30th and called, Declaration day from 1868 to 1970 then become official in 1971 in the United States on Last Monday in May. For me Memorial Day is a day to be thankful for all our freedoms and safety. Over the years many people have loss their lives to keep us safe and protected. That and that alone is what Memorial Day is. Somehow it become the day of first swims for the summer, BBQ’s , family’s kicking off vacations or gathering together. If you look at it, this is exactly why so many people died protecting us “ so we are free to choose our actions”! I’m thoughtful and in remembrance today for those lost preserving our freedoms and safety. When I was young I didn’t know any of that – it was just a day my family took to prepare the yard, animals and land for the summer ( aka work day) . As a teenager it was a day to swim, hang out with friends, eat and fireworks … In my married life it always involved a drive to the local national cemetery to remember a lost cousin to my ex’s family and then a day of fun and swimming . Now it’s a quite day to spend with my love. Maybe we will make new traditions but we will always know it is because of the fearless people that server in the military that we have this right to do what we want on this day! Hope you all have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day!

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