My Top 25 Scarrrryyyy Movies!

Hello friends, yes I know it is November but since I had this ready for October and never posted it, I thought why don’t I go ahead and share my Horror favorites. 

Gosh, I love October. I am not sure my family loves it as much. I take my opportunity to watch all the horror movies I can. However, this backfires on me sometimes when I have to be alone. I am a huge Scaredy Cat. I self-admit it. 

I am someone that does not love being alone. I find safety in general in numbers, and I used to not like Halloween at all. I was terrified of horror movies and everything that went bump in the night. My first horror movie was Silence of the Lambs, which is more a thriller than horror. However, back then this 14-year-old was terrified. My best friend who was a horror buff loved nothing more than discovering new ways to torture me.  And I don’t know the exact age but she introduced me to Halloween (the movie) with the character Michael Myers – the white-faced, no voice psycho killer. Sigh….. that gives me the creeps just writing it. Ever since I have been terrified so of course, all my friends know this and Halloween becomes a Michael Myers meme fest.  Anyway, I avoided horror as much as possible and then entered my oldest niece. At about age 12 I got into watching scary movies, not to mention her mom. My bestie also loved scary movies. I would watch with them but be so scared. Then my marriage turned bad and I no longer wanted to watch happy shows. I wanted to watch something that was worse than my real life. Somehow through those things, I am now a fan of horror, thrillers, and scary movies. So, I thought it would be fun to put a list of my top 25. Let’s see if I have 25… LOL.

  1. Halloween 1978
  2. Halloween 2-1981
  3. Halloween 4-1988
  4. Halloween 5- 1989
  5. Halloween the Curse of Michael Myers -1995
  6. Halloween H2O-1998
  7. Halloween Resurrection-2002
  8. Halloween -2007
  9. Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2
  10. Halloween-2018
  11. Halloween Kills – 2021
  12. Halloween Ends -2022 WOW that actually took up a lot of the list.

The Conjuring Movies in Chronological Order 

  1. THE NUN-2018
  2. Annabelle Creation -2017
  3. Annabelle-2014
  4. The Conjuring -2013
  5. Annabelle Comes Home-2019
  6. The curse of La Llorona 2019
  7. The Conjuring 2-2016
  8. The Conjuring “The devil made me do it”-2021
  9. Thirteen Ghost-2001
  10. US-2019
  11. Trick r Treat- 2007
  12. The Exorcist-1973 (I WILL NOT WATCH-  once was enough) 
  13. IT -2017

Well folks, it looks like I did have 25. I’m sorry the list had a lot of the same franchise. I like movies that have multiple layers to them. I can’t lie, I am excited about the newest Halloween “the end.” Can’t wait for it to be the end. ( UPDATE) I saw “the END” and it was ok, but I didn’t love it. My bestie however did love it and said I had to get into the evilness of being so evil you influence others actions which is the real scary part. I don’t know, I just like jump scares mostly. The Conjuring was unique. They really made every movie super creepy and left you wanting more. The last few were movies that surprisingly terrified me. IT is the worst, but like the Halloween movies I do try to revisit it to try and break the fear. The Exorcist gave me nightmares for years and years. I will not watch it again. It would set me up for many fears in my life and I am not playing when I say I see someone crawl, even a baby, it makes me weak. Fear is a funny thing. 

What are your top favorite or top “not watching ever again” horror movies?

2 thoughts on “My Top 25 Scarrrryyyy Movies!

  1. I totally agree with 100% about The Exorcist and It, those two movies definitely creep you out! I actually enjoyed watching Trick r Treat, from the werewolves, to Sam, those scenes didn’t really bother me too much. I also agree with you about the entire Halloween franchise being on this list, Michael just has that vibe about him that makes him more menacing than Freddy, Jason, or Chucky. Another movie that I’d add to my own list would be the 1982 version of The Thing, there were scenes in that movie that still haunt me! The music in The Thing is kind of like the Halloween melody, they help make the scenes even more scary. I’m truly sorry about your recent prolonged stay in the hospital, I feel like I jinxed you with my shattered foot saga! 😦 I hope you’re doing better everyday, and well on the road to recovery! My own recovery from my October 4th surgery has been pretty rough on me both physically and mentally. Just take things one day at a time is all we can do some days. Take care, and keeping you in my thoughts!!


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