Exercise / Posture / Modifications

Well, here we are back to talking about exercise. As an infinifat, there are a few tools you absolutely need: a yoga mat, an exercising ball, a sturdy chair, some 5 to 10 lb. weights, stretch bands, and plenty of water when you work out.  It is important to have tools that fit your body. Make sure to check all weight limits for your safety. Below I will list some items that are all weight appropriate up to 1000 or more lbs.

You are sitting there saying but my weight keeps me from exercising or I don’t want to exercise. Well, we all need exercise, it is good for our bodies, it helps the body to function correctly, helps our mind to be stimulated, helps in memory loss, and produces energy.   

For my big fat body – I have to make modifications. This is so hard for me because I used to love exercising and working out. My body was a healthy body at 420 believe it or not. But if I am honest, I hit 620lb recently and it frustrated me. It frustrated me because my legs barely carry me up and down our stairs now. My heart is so stressed and overworked that I have pain in my chest almost all the time. While I do have asthma my breathing is also bad from the extra weight. I was never one to have to huff and puff but because of how I gained back all that weight I lost all I can do is huff and puff. 

I have a regimen that can be built up as you go. I did this once; I can do it again. Below I will list my suggestions for a beginner to exercise at your current weight. I would also suggest making sure you have taken any medications that you need one to two hours before exercise so you can be exercising during the peak time of action of the meds. It also is a good idea to have a blood pressure reader and an oxygen reader which you can have shipped to your door via Amazon. 

My beginning exercise regimen:

When I wake up I start by stretching out in an X position. It feels so good first thing in the AM… I may or may not do a few of these elaborate cat stretches… before I roll to my side and do leg lifts, I do that on both sides, and then I go to get up, with my feet on the floor, I lay back on the bed, and then sit up. It is our fat girl sit-ups. If you can’t get up all the way it’s ok. Just go as far as you can without hurting your neck. 

Morning –

  • Stretching to the X position for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Other stretches (whatever feels good to your body)
  • Side leg lifts (lay on your side and lift your arm and leg up towards the ceiling (do each leg 2 times) for 10 to 20 reps
  • Deep breathing on your back trying to squeeze you muscles in… (2 to 3 mins)
  • Put your feet on the floor and lay back. Proceed to do sit-ups (only as far as you can) do 2 sets of 10 reps


You will need to put non slip shoes on. Take your exercise ball, like to put it against a wall or sofa something that won’t move… and SIT on the ball. Yes, I promise it will hold you. Once you get your balance you can hit play on the tv or your phone and you can do all the exercises you can do and those that you can’t – just keep moving by either moving your arms, feet or both, till it comes to a part you can do again. 

Here are a couple of videos with some suggested exercises. The second one is not an exercise video per se but it gives you moves to use with your exercise ball that will be helpful (just click):

10 Best Swiss Ball Exercises (Basic) or Core and More Stability Workout.

This next can be done on your ball or in a sturdy chair. If you’re going to use the ball, I suggest putting it up against a wall to better steady you:

25 min Walk and Strength Workout.

 Next we have a full workout on an exercise ball. However, a lot of this I can’t. I ended up repeating the things I could do and doing a lot of walking in place and arm exercises:

Obese Beginning Full Body Balance Ball Workout.

There are also walking videos on YouTube. That is fantastic to have for cardio. I’d suggest walking on your yoga mat but make sure it is not in a slippery location. The cushion helps our big bodies not to be traumatized from the jolts of stepping. 

Ya’ll, I know that exercising when you’re at 400 – 500-600 lbs. is next to impossible. We carry around a lot of weight and it wears on our bones. If we want to lose weight or not, it is important for us to try and keep our bodies working as best as they can. I know I am struggling to get an exercise regimen started and something I can stick to. So maybe we can do this together. Would you be interested in me putting together a workout video?

Let’s do this! xoxo

Items in my Amazon Storefront that I use for exercise that are pictured above:

Exercise Ball and Weight Set.

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