A Very Special Birthday For A Very Special Boy

Today is a very special day. Jeremy’s youngest son Andrew turns 14. I have never had a birth date for my own children so I can’t exactly say how a mother feels on the birthday of their child, but I feel pretty emotional about this day. Andrew is a Rainbow and a pot of gold all at the same time. For me, Andrew filled a huge hole in my heart when I had to leave behind being an aunt. Andrew and I that very first day four years ago, bonded. 

Where do I start telling you about Andrew? When I first arrived on the scene Andrew had just turned 9.  He was this cute kid that when he smiled the room lit up. I love when he gets heated about a topic or embarrassed his cheeks turn red. He is a softie, although sometimes his autism doesn’t allow him the ability to express how he feels all the time. That is just something you learn to love about him. Andrew has a few collections of things, such as rocks of various types, Trains, and random toys. He has the need to keep everything, and in Andrew’s world all trash has a use for something!

Andrew in 4 short years has gone from being shorter than me to looking me in the eyes. I think he is a bit taller than me now. He has decided he likes his hair longer but absolutely does not want to talk about putting it up in any kind of topknot/ponytail situation. He is also convinced his unibrow is a charter building. (I am not so sure about that one) … 

Andrew has a few things he is involved in. He has played Basketball in a town league, he is a trombone player in the band, He also just got into the jazz band at school (although we never get to hear proof of that). He also is a black belt in karate. He has begun teaching other students as part of his training.  He also has almost straight A’s. He enjoys school and always has a story. 

One of the things I love about Andrew is he never meets a stranger. He will talk to anyone that will listen. He wins people over instantly with that cute little smile and the random facts he is telling that he is 100 percent sure said person needs to know. Andrew is a guy of consistency. Not once in the last four years has he ordered anything different from the restaurant down the street. His standing order is Caesar Salad no tomatoes, add croutons and cucumbers, with a BLT on a sub bread, NO Tomato, Add mayo, salt, pepper, cucumbers, bacon, and pepperoni. He normally has it down before I can even get into what I’ve ordered. 

I absolutely can not talk about Andrew and not talk about his Love and Devotion to trains. His most valued items are his iPad and his trains. It all began with Thomas the Train… Apparently, he was addicted since he first saw the show. For those of you that may be labeling Thomas the Train as childish that just shows you how much you know. Thomas the Train merch and trains themselves are highly collectible. Plus, there is an entire part of the internet devoted to ole Thomas. You my friend don’t need the internet when Andrew is around, he knows most anything you would want to google. He is so smart and loves to learn. 

I guess his love for learning as well as his sweet attitude about life is why he never fails to be ok with helping me out with little projects and sometimes big projects as well.  He is my scary movie buddy, as well as most anything Jeremy and I watch, Andrew will give the show a try. I think he just knows I really like us doing things as a family. 

That leads me to how he loves me. From almost the beginning I would get hugs when he was leaving to go back to his mom’s. Anytime I’m sad Andrew finds a way to stick close to me. He is ready to give a hug at only a moment’s notice. Andrew gives his love freely. One way this sticks out is with his older brother who at times I wonder if he thought Andrew was born to wait on him. LOL, I guess brothers will be brothers, but Andrew will defend his older brother to no end even when he is treating Andrew in a way that is not kind at all. 

Lastly, Andrew has autism. He also has ADHD. Neither of these diagnoses defines Andrew. You probably now can go back and see some of the things that are associated with Autism and ADHD. We talk very openly about his diagnosis. I asked him if he was glad he knew he was Autistic, to which he replied I’m glad I know so I can understand why I am like I am! The ongoing joke around here is that Andrew and I together drive Jeremy crazy. Absolutely no car trip together unless we have both taken our medications. We may or may not get in trouble all the time while watching movies here at home. Jeremy will say “has someone forgotten their meds?” 

To wrap up this blog about my bright shining rainbow and all the levels that make him who he is. I have to say that Jeremy and Jean have done a great job raising Andrew. He really is such a great kid, so well adjusted and loving. I am so honored that I get to share the love of Andrew and to help finish raising him.  

Happy Birthday sweet guy. I am so happy to be able to share the happiness of your birth! XOXO, Evie

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