January In Review

So many things have happened this month. Some things have been the normal things that happen every month and others have been new. So vague, right?? Well as life would have it, January was a hard month. Physically, emotionally and work wise as well. 

Let’s talk about Findingevie. January was the first month we had all our I’s dotted and T’s crossed with the blog and IG. Thank the good lord for giving me an assistant who would be able to get myself in gear. If I had not prepped for this month and had a lot of the content already done, I would have come up really short. Thankfully, thanks to my assistant, things fell into place with most of the work done and ready to go in advance. 

Appointments as an Infinifat person are just one of the commitments that have kept me busy this month!

That brings me to why it would have been hard for me to keep up this month. This month has had some mental struggles that led me to staying in a dark room in bed and sleeping as long as possible or not at all. When I did have any motivation, I would just get up for enough time to do what I had to do, and then go back to bed. It was a bare, minimal existence. If you have never experienced bare minimal existence, I am so happy for you. For those of you that know exactly what I am talking about you will understand the struggle. I have tried to do a few Instagram Lives as  I enjoy keeping in touch with my followers. Lives provide that interaction. I also tried to do a few stories to keep you up to date on what was going on behind the scenes. Largely, though, I feel what had been going on with me cut me off from my friends and family.

That being said, good things have happened as well. Plans are coming into action regarding changes and more plans are being made. I’m excited for the coming months and the plans we have. I’m excited to be giving you, my followers, extra ways to interact and fall more in love with the brand Findingevie! If you are a close follower, you may know that I, Findingevie, have now officially rebranded as a “Lifestyle Content Creator”. This comes with such a relief. While my journey on Instagram began with wanting to be a beauty creator, I soon found that while I love beauty and fashion it was not my passion nor was it something that I knew the most about. Being a lifestyle content creator allows me to do all the things I love while I bring you along as I live my life – the life of an infinifat human who is navigating the health world as a heart patient while having lipedema and lymphedema. It allows me to talk about the things I love such as getting married and becoming a stepmother, among so many more incredible chapters added to my life story, all the while leaving an open door for my future endeavors. 

 So, my loving followers – I hope January was a great new start to the new year for you. I am not going to get down about the way mine began. I have too many wins to let the negative parts take over. I am hoping to have gotten all the low points and feeling horrible out of the way so I can be the best I can be for my family, for myself, and for you all. Xoxo

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