Infinifat Life Savers

Waking up fat isn’t just something that happens, however it can sneak up on you when you least expect it. I’m not so naive to think all fat people have the same problems, but many of us know there are lies we tell ourselves. Being fat is not a crime and should not be punishing. No, you aren’t alone in this. No, you’re not the fattest human on earth. No, you’re not the only one who is unable to do something because of your limitations. So what are our truths? Being fat, especially infinifat, we have one very important thing in common: how we wish to be true to ourselves. 

Being an influencer has put me into a space where I need to be open and honest about the things that trouble me and the way I fix them/ address them. This is how I am true to myself. Some of the most asked questions are how do I handle chub rub, how do I handle skin fold infections, and how do I smell so good. So here is a list of my tried and true products. I feel I found a system that works wonders, and I hope it helps you find YOUR truth. 

First, let’s talk about baths. If you’re able to take baths, adding two cups of apple cider vinegar to hot bath water and soaking for 30-minutes once to twice a week is a Godsend. Now I am no scientist, heck I’m not even that smart. But what I do know is it does something to work against yeast type infections / rashes. We fat folks tend to get them under our bellies, breasts, and between all our rolls (such as behind the knees). I’d also suggest if you have a yeast infection and can not soak in a bath, use wash rags (a new, clean one each time) and douse the rag with vinegar and apply to the affected areas and let it sit there for up to five minutes. If you can’t reach to use a rag then put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your areas down. Do this a couple times, each day. 

Now, for those of us that have chronic skin issues like hidradenitis suppurativa, body acne, rashes, or skin sensitivity, we need something a little more advanced. One product is Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Liquid Soap which you can purchase from amazon. Hibiclens is an antiseptic/ antimicrobial that helps treat and prevent skin infections. I have had great luck with this liquid soap. For those of you with HS you know the importance of not cross contaminating. 

With the use of Hibiclens and/or vinegar, we have to be careful for our skin to not dry out. I have found that NA-PCA Non Oily Spray  is one of the better ways to retain moisture. It claims it helps you retain a youthful glow, keeps your skin soft and supple, keeps your skin hydrated and provides relief with dry irritated skin. What I can attest to is that it does help your skin not be as dry. It also feels great on the skin, as it is not oily. I use this as a lotion but I also shave my legs with it. I skip the water and the shaving cream and just use this for a much quicker job.

No matter if you bathe or shower often, reach is a problem for those of us bigger fats. I have personally tried every bath brush on the market or so it seems. I have also single handedly broken all those bath brushes I have tried except one – the ECO TOOLS Soft bristle bath brush with a long handle. This brush has lasted. I have changed mine out of course because the bristles do become matted/flat eventually, however, you can use it for a year or more before you need to worry about it breaking or having to replace it. This one is the best on the market in my own personal experience. 

The next thing I want to share is something that can be for those that can’t shower every day, and it is a Godsend as well. It is Gold Bond powder, which is a medicated powder, and when used with a light hand (remember more is not always better) it will keep all your areas dry and odorless. 

Lastly, I complete my regimen by using a body spray of choice, and I top it off with a similar smelling perfume. Most perfumes I wear have a scent of vanilla or other sweet smell to them. The body spray that I normally purchase from Bath and Body Works has a vanilla or sugary based smell. 

I hope this list helps and you find tips and tricks you weren’t aware of that could work for you. All links listed above are affiliate links with amazon, and you would be helping me by clicking and using the links. After all, I think we deserve to walk through life smelling our very best, don’t you agree??  xoxo

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