What Does Privilege Look Like For Infinifats?

What does Privilege look like to Infinifats? What are your privileges? I initially asked this question on my Instagram @Findingevie if you want to take a look there. 

Here I want to dive deeper into my thoughts on this topic of size terms and privileges. 

First let’s set the record straight on terminology – I recently was asked, “What is an ‘infinifat’? It is a term that was coined by @fatlip.ash to describe the people that do not fit into plus size categories that are well known currently. An Infinifat is someone that wears a 6x or larger and is someone who finds clothing in a brick-and-mortar store next to impossible. This translates into the number 34. When you wear a size 34 or bigger, you are an infinifat. 

Chances are if you’re an infinifat you know it. However, there is still a bit of confusion for some “Superfats” that are not sure if they are a superfat or an infinifat.  Take this size breakdown for example:

 Straight size folks:  They wear small – medium – Large. 

Medium/Mid Fats: They wear XL to 3x.

Superfats: They wear 3x-5x.

Infinifats: They wear 6x and beyond.

So many different people have made their own adaptations to the description of fats and their size categories and it’s quite ridiculous at this point. I’m not the inventor of any of these names or size categories, but I do observe and take all the different size charts and have tried to simplify it as much as possible. Now here is where it gets fuzzy – not only for me but a lot of my followers. I personally never tend to be in an exact size range. I was once a 3x that could wear 2x and 4x. Currently I am a 6x that can wear a 5x and higher than a 6x.  Being at the larger end of the spectrum I could pass for a superfat or an infinifat. I tend to lean more to the infinifat size due to lack of finding clothes in brick-and-mortar stores.  

Bottom line is “Fat” is no longer a universal code for someone over a certain number. 

“I am fat” is something you’d hear said to the straight size individual when there were only two terms to use – skinny and fat. I used to think that I wished it was so simple but now, NOW I know it can’t be.  For those that struggle with acceptance of their bodies, “fat” is often not the word they need. As much as a person’s abilities and inabilities do not put you into a specific category, it often does get used that way. This is especially true for someone living through multiple stages of being fat.  Example: What I could do as a midfat was so much greater than what I can do as an infinifat. This is the way I can easily convey the meaning of how I am doing to another “fat”.

Unlike number sizes, “abilities or non-abilities” do not go into set categories. Examples: Right now, there is someone that is almost my exact weight and size. We wear, for the most part, the same size. I will call that person “person 1”. They can move around, cook, take hikes, go shopping, dance, travel and so much more. Then there is someone that weighs less than I do but wears bigger sizes whom I will refer to as “person 2”.  Person 2 and I both struggle with health issues and while the weight is less, Person 2 is unable to do as much physically as I can.  Walking for them is impossible, and even sitting for long periods cannot be done as it is painful for them. In addition, traveling outside the home is another impossibility as well as doing some basic household chores. All of these things are easier for me to do. We all three identify as Infinifats though!

The more I fit into the infinifat category, the less I was able to do, and sometimes I would get lost in the idea that I wish I had the ability that Person 1 has. Through my experience knowing the struggles of person 2 I have learned to be one of those people who focuses on the positives and am more aware of my privileges, which is a good thing. I think sometimes when we are in a certain mindset, we can’t see past what we can’t do or have. Instead of focusing on the things I can’t do, I try to focus on my privilege. In every situation there seems to be two types of people – the ones that only see what they CAN’T do and those that honestly try to see what they CAN do.

I can walk / transfer myself from the bedroom to the front room. I can go up and down the flight of stairs in the home I’m living in. I can walk into doctors’ offices, and appointments. I can get in and out of a wide assortment of vehicles. I can shop at most plus size online stores and find clothes that will fit me. I can go to the bathroom, shower, and go outside all on my own.  I have a home in which the stairs may be terribly inconvenient, but I’m able to manage well enough. I have a place to sleep, food to eat, and clothes to wear. I can work from anywhere in my home I choose to. I can breathe without the help of oxygen and I do not need to have someone come in and take care of me, and I am able to half way help with tasks in our home. While these are just a few privileges I have, the one I am most thankful for is I have someone that fully supports and loves me no matter what size I am and the things I can’t do he can. 

No matter where you fit on the size spectrum, there are going to be things that you have to deal with and walls that will seem unbreakable. While I am sure that regular sized people do not have the same type of walls as we do on the fat spectrum, I am sure they still have things to deal with. Things in fact that make them stop seeing their privileges. 

No matter your size, take time to enjoy the privileges in your life. Thank your body for what it is able to do and thank God for the privilege of being you.

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