Happy March Beauties. Old photo but it's appropriate for the month! I do not know what March holds. How is it March already? Time just refuses to get back to normal for me. Since September everything has been weird, and difficult. Sitting around literally waiting for it to be ok to walk. Mentally I’m a … Continue reading March

More On September: National Suicide Prevention Month

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, September is National Suicide Prevention Month as well as Self Improvement Month. I wanted to share more on my story as well as the story of how this affected a close friend of mine from the past. *Trigger warning – Talk of suicide, self-harm, and death Suicide prevention … Continue reading More On September: National Suicide Prevention Month

World Teen Mental Wellness Day

TW (Trigger Warning): Mentions of suicide World Teen Mental Wellness Day is observed across the globe on March 2 every year. It is a day that aims to raise awareness about the mental health issues that teenagers deal with. This Day is about making efforts to educate everyone and destigmatize something that is becoming increasingly … Continue reading World Teen Mental Wellness Day