Taking One For the Team: Self-Improvement and the Art of War

“Self-improvement is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts”.

I recently read an article full of puns written by James Clear and while the puns make achieving self-improvement seem fail-proof it really isn’t.  However, “Failure is not a result of poor willpower, but a result of poor strategy.”

So, I have been going through some trials lately and while (don’t worry) I am not suicidal, I am depressed and it makes this month and me doing this work at this time seem a little ironic. You all know I am the first one to admit I am a work in progress hence the name Findingevie. I decided to use this article by James Clear to stimulate my mind but also provide examples for you, my readers. 

The article is “How to Use Military Strategy to Build Better Habits”, and while that title may throw you off, it is actually quite a good little article for Self-improvement.  The article bases its content on the teachings of Sun Tzu (author of the famous book, The Art of War) which extends far beyond the field of battle because they are focused on finding the easiest way to achieve a specific goal.

  1. The first thing we learn is we can’t win fights by fighting with force. We need to attack our enemy where they are the weakest. 

 A habit I need to get into, for change is 

  • Getting fit – 

 Eating better

Moving my body

Drinking more water

Sleep schedule that is patterned

Take medications on schedule

Exercise plan

Work /play/ family time schedule


  • “You can be sure of succeeding in your habits if you only build habits that are easy to maintain.”
  1. Don’t overeat – buy one serving of something
  2.  Cut down sweets intake by half 
  3. Get to a sleep regular schedule 
  4.  Take meds on schedule
  5. Drink water sipping all day
  6. Move my body
  • “He will improve his behavior is one who knows which habits to start with and which ones to leave for later.”
  1. Work/play/Family Schedule 
  2. Exercise Plan

2. Fight Battles You Are Destined to Win

  • “A clever person, therefore, avoids the areas where bad habits are strongest, but attacks them where they are weak and easy to change.”
  1. Drinking Water 
  2. Sticking to a sleep and medication schedule 

Remember -The smartest path is to improvement is the one of least resistance. Fight battles you are destined to win.

For me breaking down this one goal instead of heaping it all together is a much better way for me to achieve my overall goal. I do feel if I am winning that I am more positive to attack something I was originally not in the mind set to attack. 

Does this method of achievement help you? If not, what does? Share in the comments below. XOXO, Evie

https://jamesclear.com/sun-tzu-habits (the article I read to prepare for this blog).

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