The Top 20 List of Things I Love

Mental health is so important for us to be aware of. For me, something that really helps when I am feeling signs of depression and anxiety is to think about the things that I really truly love and that make me happy. Here is my top 20 list. 

Things I love…

  1. My partner. Jeremy makes me happy. 
  2. My puppy and my partner’s kids, “most days”
  3. Listening to Summer hits of the ’90s.
  4. Long Day trip Drives 
  5. My friends
  6. Summer
  7. Swimming
  8. My mom being happy
  9. Friends being around me
  10. Road trips
  11. Hotel Rooms. 
  12. A good bathtub soaks
  13. Beaches to relax, Pools to swim
  14. The fact I can still go to my church (on Long Island) on Sunday even if it’s Online. 
  15. Ice cream and cake
  16. Italian ice 
  17. A good daiquiri 
  18. Attention
  19. Stuffed animals
  20. Make-up and applying it 
  21. My nieces staying in contact with me
  22. A good scary movie with a plot
  23. Decorating 
  24. Snorkeling
  25. Traveling 

 Leave in the comments what are some of the things that make you the happiest. XOXO

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