July Favorites – With Links!

It’s been a long time my friends since I felt passionate about any new products. July was a month of winners for me. First, let me just say that none of these products are sponsored. If I can find the items on Amazon, I will use my affiliate links. If not, the links are only for your benefit. The links below will be ITALICIZED. Just click, and another browser will open for you!

During the summer more so than any of the other months, I love the sweet smell of perfumes and lotions. Coconut, strawberries, vanilla, and watermelon have been on my radar. This all began with Bath and Body works Body spray in Strawberry Pound Cake (this is a link, just click it!). I didn’t know if I was as fond of it as I thought when I purchased it during the winter. However, when I purchased another July favorite this month, I decided out of all my scents this was the one that complimented it the best. Strawberry pound cake smells exactly like it says. It’s like you have made up a fresh bowl of strawberries and cream on op of a pound cake right out of the oven. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not edible. LOL 

So that product I mentioned above was a buy I did without actually smelling it first. Not really an impulse buy but a buy where I was doing my ongoing search for the perfect lotion. Y’all, I think I found it.  EOS has lotions now apparently and I picked up the one that is called Vanilla Cashmere Body lotion. The one in the lavender bottle.  First of all, the bottle is shaped perfectly with the grip feature. Ya, when I tell you I wish I could bathe in the smell of this lotion I’m for real. It’s super sweet. I feel like IM a walking talking desert. The thing I am really impressed with is how nongreasy the formula is. I can put it on and rub it in and by the time I am done, I can pick up my phone and use it. I am really happy with this new, to me, lotion and the formula they have used. 

Now let’s talk about frozen treats. Jeremy has been buying “Fun pops” (flavored Ice) from our Market basket brand and the boys and I are devouring them. These are not just the standard five flavors; they have so many flavors we aren’t quite sure what some of them are.  My favorites are coconut, pineapple, and strawberry. You can get some for yourself by clicking HERE.

Now I am super surprised by this favorite for the month of July. I don’t know if you understand the devotion, it is to proudly say that you are a dye-hard Coke-Cola fan. I love regular Coke, and Vanilla Coke. I’ll drink Coke zero (although I don’t LOVE it). In fact, I love Coke Cola so much that I did most of my business reports in college about Coke Company. This isn’t my monthly favorite though… ITS DR. Pepper. I did not drink a lot of Dr. Pepper in my life. Only when there was no other option. Two reasons, it carried a punch for me and it made me so hyper I could not contain myself. Well, my guys like Dr. Pepper so when it’s on sale it’s more available than Coke. Recently we were introduced to Dr. Pepper zero Cream soda. First the facts- When I knew this was a favorite for the month, I wanted to know some facts. Dr. Pepper Cream Soda Zero is a fairly young product with a very media introduction during the 2021 Oscars air on Sunday, April 25, 2021, and on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Did you know Dr. Pepper is made up of 23 flavors, not including the added flavors of the Dr. Pepper babies? Well, I didn’t know that it existed till July 4 this year. I have consumed one almost daily for the past month. I am hooked. The taste which is (a theme for my taste buds) is extremely sweet. It reminds me of Vanilla Coke without the burn. Dr. Pepper’s zero formula is so much better than Coke’s formula. 

The last on my list of favorites for July is Jumpers/ one-Piece/onesies/Jumpsuits …  I’m in love. I purchased my first ever One-piece last year. I loved it. Since then, I have purchased a one-piece suit outfit, an off-the-shoulder number, and quite a few short Jumpsuits, and this July I pretty much lived in them. NO matter long or short, Jumpsuits are where they are this summer. Comfort, save washroom, Easy to pack really there is nothing that doesn’t sound like a sales ad that I can say about Jumpsuits. I just wish makers of them would remember they have to make the entry area big enough to get our hips, but and belly though. Looking at you torrid…. 

Me laughing at everyone that says fat girls can’t wear jumpers, while wearing a Lane Byrant Jumper!

That wraps up my favorites for the month. I hope you see something you want to check out. Let me know what your July favorites or summer favorites are. XOXO


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