Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time will start on March 13 this year, more than a full week before the official start of Spring. It took me forever to remember or understand the Spring forward and fall backward (which fits with the seasons). 

When I was a kid in Louisiana, barefoot and tan, I could not wait for that glorious time of year that the light would last way into the evening during the “spring forward” time of year. Even as a teenager, light being available longer made the excuse of not knowing what time it was because it still looked early. Never occurred to anyone to give their kids watches! Falling back was just miserable every way you look at it. No time to play outside, stuck indoors with the adults, and bedtime loomed yet took forever to get there all the same. 

Thinking about that time of year when I was free to roam long into the evening, I can almost smell the Louisiana air. Not everyone can appreciate that smell but I can. Sometimes I long for it. The light over the great outdoors finally freeing me from the dungeon of the dark. I would take walks on the gravel road just to clear my mind or plot my next adventure. I was always turning up at my great aunts and uncles’ homes in time to either have dessert or watch a show that I was not allowed at home or to help put up the chickens and pet the bunnies. From the porch of the first house that was my great aunt and uncles, you could hear my name being called from the back door of our home. I loved those days. The smell of the spring flowers blooming. Everything just seemed better. 

As an adult, the daylight-saving time for a long time did not affect me. Then when I moved north, my depression was triggered every time we “fell back”, which made me so tired. It was like a switch being flipped, I would be ok then ready to sleep as soon as it gets dark and then the rest of the day (or evening if you will) seems like it lasts forever. This was particularly an issue when I worked two jobs. One – I didn’t like during fall because it was too dark and made the evening shifts last forever and springing forward, I did not like because all I wanted was to be outdoors doing things that made me happy and not being indoors working. It felt like every day I was trapped inside by a job was a wasted day of time I could be doing something exciting like spending time with my nieces, or on a beach with me and the sunset. This brings me to my favorite part of spring forward when I lived on Long Island. You could literally have a beach day for free if you waited until 4 to head to the park and stay till close, which was right after sunset or better known as 8 pm/8:30 pm according to if you could talk the park rangers into a bit more time. 

Now I live in Massachusetts the winter is even longer than in NY and the time change affects me less and more. I’m just a complicated chick. In the winter the darkness still makes it feel like the evenings last forever. The spring forward makes it feel like a strange world. The light is bright but the time says it’s bedtime. As most of us are if it’s light out, we are awake. Bet you’re asking yourself so which is she A morning bird or a night bird? Well, I am neither and both at the same time. I can wake up instantly and be ready for whatever I need to do (85% of the time). The night is a little different. I can stay up all night and still function the next day just due to doing it for years and years. However, after 10 pm don’t ask me to make decisions or function. My body shuts down even if I’m awake or not. I joke but it’s the truth I am a noonish person. Which are you? Either way, we are fast-ly approaching springing forward.

XOXO, Evie

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