Hobbies – How To Go From Stressed To Blessed

By definition, a hobby is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”  I can honestly say I do not have a lot of regular hobbies. In fact, maybe you could call blogging a hobby if one were not desperately trying to make money from said blog. Blogging would be for sure my most regular hobby these days.  I used to be way more devoted to things I looked at as hobbies when I had more free time. I also had very little clean up involved because there was space to do said hobbies. 

Hobbies for me can become stressful, especially when I am questioned as to why I am involved in that particular hobby. Other questions that come up: “Is what you are doing just a waste of time and space?” “You’re terrible at said hobby and no one understands why you want to keep doing it”. In the past I allowed someone to take most of my hobbies away from me by making it a competition of who was better at said hobby. What was once fun and relaxing had become a chore. This is why it is important to support your spouse and/or children with the love you have in your heart for them. You have to be kind and approach the topic of their hobby with grace.

Lately my main hobbies have been reading, writing poetry, and painting. I loved to oil paint back when I lived in Louisiana. I painted almost every day to relax and be calm. I loved creating pieces of work that represented me. I loved the way you could build on the oil paint and it could totally change what you originally started with. 

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I wish I had more photos of some of my paintings because I don’t have many of them anymore. I have begun painting again using acrylics now. Acrylics are not as forgiving as oil but it dries faster here in the northeast so that is basically why I chose it. What I am currently using are these PAINTS from Amazon. I also liked getting my 2×2 canvases or 5×7 and 8×10 canvases there. I love doing mini paintings on canvases that are magnet sized. I was able to get an entire box of those and I love how cute they are. I also like the pre stretched square canvas from Amazon. 

Something else I loved doing as a hobby ever since I was in 3rd grade was writing poetry. I absolutely loved writing poetry. As a kid I had journal after journal full of my writings. My grandfather would give me a biblical topic and have me write a poem for it. Then he or I would read it in church. I always felt so important because my Papaw was so proud of me. It wasn’t just about my poetry but also for a lot of other reasons as well. I think he would be pretty sad to know I gave up writing poetry and sharing it. It really was the one thing out of loving people I was really good at. I don’t have any of those journals any more, but here is a journal I LOVE that I think you would enjoy having (I added it to my Wishlist!!). They were all tossed out because I was told they were really bad. DO NOT LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR JOY! Believe in yourself and trust your gut about being good at something and loving to do it. 

It seems like many moons ago, a lifetime ago if you may. I used to love to take long drives and end up at parks or beaches where I could watch the people go by. I also loved to take photos on these trips. Sometimes I’d be with friends and sometimes alone. I would call this a hobby, wouldn’t you? It was so interesting and it was amazing time spent. And it always showed me a good time. 

I am trying to think hard about what my hobbies are lately, and honestly all I can think of is my collecting hobby, like what I talk about in the blog about Collections. I know I am always on the lookout for new band or graphic tees. That has become a hobby looking and finding the perfect ones. 

 I also love makeup and doing my makeup feels like a hobby. Although I have to do it from time to time so I can be on camera, I still enjoy and love putting makeup on. It really is magic how you can transform yourself into almost anything you want with just a bit of makeup. This past October I played along with the idea of Halloween and did a few looks. I am not used to doing that much work on my face so it took a minute to get into the hang of it. These makeup brushes really help me to create the looks you see on my posts!

Well, to me my above list of hobbies makes me sound a bit boring. Does anyone have some ideas of what new hobbies I could take up? I hope you enjoyed reading it, and if you click and buy any of the products from the links listed here you will be helping me with the start of an income. While these are micro earnings links, every little bit helps. 

XOXO, Evie

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