Empower Me

What’s holding you back from being happy? May is mental health awareness month. So more than ever we are going to talk about some of the hard stuff!

Morgan Maxi Dress

This photo of me , I saw it and felt empowered.

“I will stand proud” and on my own two feet. There maybe times when I need help to hold steady I will ask for what I need. I will not falter in the knowledge that it’s ok to be afraid but not ok to not ask for help!

The NAMI {National Alliance on Mental Illness} is pushing the idea “you are not alone”, as this saying means so much to me that I to will join the mental health alliance and shout from the rooftops ‘You are Not Alone.” No matter what as long as I am here you are not alone!

Mental Health Awareness is not enough. We need to be advocates, standing up for those that can’t take up for themselves. Something People that suffer from Mental Health issues don’t talk about is literally not being able to be comfortable in the feeling of Happy. What is Happy we often ask?

I personally have been clinical depressed for long periods of time. I did not know what happy felt like. There fore it was easy for me to say I was happy when I was having a good moment. I think about all the times I thought I was happy. All the times that I felt like something was wrong with me because I did not feel any real difference between happy to depressed.

Then suddenly things changed. I begun to have correct Mental Health care, my life was changing, and I was in a kind relationship, full of love and respect. Constantly I was having these feelings that I would have described then as peace, I was awake. Being awake after so many years of being asleep. Going to therapy I learn that I don’t know how to except happy. I fear it in a way that most people do not understand.

If I get comfortable in Happy and it goes away will I not be just crushed again. So this is my plight. I have to recognize happiness and be at peace with it. Not fear it or move away from it. While I was feeling alone in this what seems backwards feelings, I read the word over and over I am not alone. Someone out there feels the same. and Is striving to find them selves in Happy and thrive in it. This month of may try to reach out to those you love and those you may not love so much . You never know what someone is going through, but what we do know is we all need to know we are not alone.


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